Anyone know of some good southern African Strains?

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  1. I recently had an offer to get my hands on any southern african strain...The only thing is that I have never growen any pure or mostly sativa strains and really dont know of any except Durban, Durban Poison and power plant I would love some suggestions on this.
  2. Buddy Boy hit me back and told me he could only hook me up with these strains...Durban Poison, Transkei Red and swazi skunk which one would you pick?
  3. Swazi ,rooi bart(sp)=red beard
    Durban Poison
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  4. :D I got the swazi skunk :D
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    I had some swazi kush or skunk at the start of year, I think I still have some actually.
    I did't think it was gonna be that amazing, it looks similar to sort of brown brick weed but fresher.
    Smokes really good and very nice high from it, my stuff came from swaziland.
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    Seeds of Africa has all genetics from there. Ace seeds has some Malawi and Zamal crosses that look pretty cool.

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