anyone know if this is possible?

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  1. I was prescribed 90 percocet, took about 40 of them as needed for pain and I'm left with a crapton still. They're 10-325's, I was wondering if the following link works to separate the oxycodon from the acetaminophen. Has anyone done this, toss me some insight.

    WikiAnswers - How can you take the acetaminophen out of percocet
  2. You will probably need a mortar and pestle to make it work properly.
  3. wait you didnt take 40 at one time did you?
  4. yup CWE is widely known and it supposedly works great.
  5. No, over time. If that was the case I'd be a little busy being dead rather then posting on gc.
  6. Yes thats how you do a cold water extract, and yes it works. You can let the water evap if you want and youll be left with pure oc powder, but youll probably want a mg scale if you do that, to make sure you dont overdose. Or you could seperate it into like 25 equal piles (for 20mgs a pile) or whatever you want your dose to be.

    And just so you know future questions about drugs other than weed should go in pandoras box
  7. Sounds good thanks for the input guys.

    Ahh yeah i didn't really know where this should go but I knew I could find an answer here. Thanks guys.
  8. ha,very true.

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