anyone know about fish fertilizer

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  1. when to use and how much to mix :confused:
  2. It should say on the container. I used it for tomato plants years ago, and I used 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, but you are safe using anywhere from 1-4 tbsp. per gallon of water. It doesn't have too much of a punch to it, so there's a low chance of over-fertilizing with it.
  3. i heard that chopping up fish and mixing it with your soil will make your grow get huge!!! any input on this??
  4. i have heard of the fish in the compost

    and ive heard in the soil (like if u put a couple in a blender) and mix it in the soil

    they make bone and blood meal so im sure it would be good

    try it out i might even try it i love to fish

    maybe a couple parts fish

    couple parts worm castings

    couple parts coco coir

    couple parts perlight

    and it seems to need something else... any suggestions?
  5. I put fish in the compost.
    These are blue whiting - cheapest fish I can get here -complete with guts, of course.

  6. i fish so i can get all kind catfish,bluegill,pass, huge drum and carp (wich is an invasive species) so it would be best to use those so they are out of the water and they are helpin me

    the carp are freaking huge i ccan catch

    ill blend a couple up in the soil mix
    anyone got suggestion on a coco coir soil blend

    on the amount of parts i use
  7. I use fish fert for flowering, along with a little molasses.

    3-4 tbsp fish fert and 1 tbsp molasses per US gallon. Mine is 2-3-1 NPK ratio.
  8. im talkingabout making my own blending up the fish and adding it to my coco coir mix

    if i can make it or grow it or fix it my self i will

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