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  1. I have a 20 amp circuit that has or will have (im trying to think ahead so i don't run into problems)the following on it

    - downstairs bathroom
    - 2outside floodlights (800-1000w total for both)
    - few lights (reg bulbs)
    - small ac
    -iguana cage electricity (humidifier,uvb light,heat light total of 3-4 amps)

    I want to run the following
    - 600 watt digital hps
    - 6in inline fan (1amp)
    - .9 amp 120mm pc fan
    - 1-2 6-12in oscillating fans

    Is this going to trip a 20 amp circuit?
  2. dude ur breaker is gonna trip out all the time if u do that, either replace the breaker with a more optimal amp, or find a small bedroom 20/15 amp circut to power off of just pull out one receptacle and run a wire into ur grow room. (remember fire safety!)
  3. You cannot simply change out a breaker to a larger breaker to prevent it from tripping. It is tripping for a reason--you have too much of a load on it. changing out with a bigger breaker is an invitation for a fire. Larger breakers require larger wiring.

    I ran a dedicated 30 amp circuit to my growroom.
  4. I dont have it hooked up yet so im not sure if it definitely will trip im just wondering if it will before deciding between 400 watt or 600 watt hps. I was figuring if everything was ran at once then it would probably trip but more then likely everything WONT be on at the same time. will i still have problems? i might just run the ac on another plug thats on another breaker. will i be ok then?
  5. your are close to tripping the breaker with just the original load 1000 watts/120= 8.3 amps small ac prolly draws atleast 5 amp when started (at least) . your best bet would be find a cuircit that doesnt draw very much and add on to it (if you have)... I would split the digital ballast and 2 fans on a cuircut by itself and the rest on the other.. hope I could help
  6. hemp ur right about the wiring but 14 can take usually 15 to a 20 amp breaker. 12 can take around 30 amp. ur not gonna wanna run the a/c off ur grow room circuit. and put ur iguana somewhere else lol and give it a try.
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    thanks everyone. the only problem is the breaker is in the basement and my grow room is upstairs so i really cant change breakers or run a new one to my room. I was thinking about turning everything thats hooked to my grow room breaker on (flood lights, inside lights,1,000 watt blow dryer..etc) then also plugging in an additional 1500-1600 watts in other high wattage things (330 watt hair straightener,500 watt spot light..etc) and see if it trips. its a small ac that will be hooked up so I'm assuming between that and my grow room should use less then 1500 watts together. if it doesn't trip i should be good right? like i said before though its very unlikely that everything will be on at the same time i just want to make sure that if it does happen it wont trip.
  8. can u just not use ur flood lights? that would prob b ur best bet or if u have a bathroom close it should b on a seperate circuit
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    You cant assume HIS 12G wire will take 30A. 12 Gauge is rated for 20Amps, it can handle up to 24 with normal sheathing(which is probably what he has) or 28A with sheathing that has a higher heat transfer rate.

    14 gauge - 15A
    12 - 20
    10 - 30
    8 - 40
    6 - 50

    The 20A circuit is for the GFCI outlet in the bathroom correct? The lights *should* be on their own 15A circuit in your bathroom if you want to tap into that, and if you have more then one outlet in your bathroom, you should have 3 or more circuits.

    Also, PM me with electrical questions if you need, I do this work daily :)
  10. depends when and where the house is wired bathroom should be on own cuircut or could just have a gfci plug. exterior lights should be on own cuircit with a plug or 2.. too many variables (in the buisness 14 years) pm me too if you have any questions
  11. Don't screw around with this. I would call an electircian. I have read all the post and they all have good input. You can burn your house down without tripping the breaker. You also want to be 70% of the rated breaker. The problem is the wires continue to create heat. If it were me I would run an outside conduit from your panel and install a motion light.;) Then don't use the light and pop it through the wall. Just a thought. Sound cheaper then a house. I ran 6 circuits in my last build. :D Good luck and stay safe.
  12. actually its 80% of load for lighting and such for inrush current. 75% for overcurrent protection on motors... you prolly have least 3-4 cuircuts you could use without knowing it. overloading one too much and you have a fire hazard
  13. Dora has a valid point, if you can't do it correctly, dont. Electricity isnt something to screw with. As my teacher said "If you screw up as a carpenter, you make a bad cut and have to recut it. If you screw up as a plumber, you have to replace the pipe and soak up the water. If you screw up as an electrician, you have to rewire it, fix the burned part of the house from the fire, get the carpenter back in to replace the counters that caught up in the fire, and get the plumber, because when the 2x4 split in 2 from burn damage, it broke a pipe."

    Obviously, no one should be playing with electricity unless they know what they are doing.

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