anyone in TN?

Discussion in 'General' started by flasmoker, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. hey all, sorry critter about the last post, didn't mean for it to come off as that. Anyhow, I have plenty of indoor growing knowledge and have been on OG for 2 years now, just recently joined the city. Just moved to NASHVILLE, and can't find shit to do around here....any TN residents?????
  2. i am also from the great state of tennessee we should hook up some day. y'all have a good day. peace pimpingmaryjane
  3. Yes me too.

  4. Good morning, me! How are you? I'm hunting down that morning thread so I can do this properly instead of in the TN thread! :p
  5. After a night of celebrating the oldest 18th birthday, I think i will make it through the day...

    We had hot wings galore and pleanty to drink..

    A large fireworks show.......lasted three and a half hours.. Fianlly got in bed a 230 this morning... You should have been here...... You would have had a great time..
  6. budhead, check your PM's dude. Everyone else, thanks for the welcoming to the state. Found a few local nightclubs in downtown nashville to hang at......
  7. I checked my PM's.. I'll get back to ya shortly!!!
  8. hey thats where im from

    anyone know of any head shops around nashville?
  9. memphis TN. it's not a good place to be, but it is a good place to live. one of the perks of living in nashville is the proximity to bonnaroo, it's like a 45 minute drive or something. anyway ... welcome to the state that is ... tennessee. good luck leaving without a southern accent.
  10. anyone wanna get together and toke up tomorrow (saturday) ?
  11. Working all day today..
    I've got a 100+ acres to bush hog today..
  12. 100+ acres wow. That must be a bitch to mow. :)

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