anyone in the nyc/tristate area? looking for some help picking out glass

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  1. looking to spend around $400~$500 on a new bong
    i was thinking about getting a blue illadelph with a matching ashcatcher and i was wondering how much that would run me around here (nyc)
    im not too familiar with the headshops around here, as i dont go too often
    the only one i've been to quite a few times is Liquid Glass in Nyack, but they're a little overpriced.
    so i was wondering if any of you guys that live around here could help me pickout something nice :smoking:

  2. I havent been to liquid glass in awhile but i dont think they sell illadelph. if your in the Nyack area check out Village Sensations its about 10 mins from liquid glass. Village Sensations has a few illadelph pieces but they are slightly overpriced but i havent been there in awhile either. if your in the city check out NY Gifts villages best. i never checked there illadelph prices but they have real good prices on everything i have gotten there. the owner is mad chill and he has a shit ton of illadelph. the last time i was there several months ago i kinda wondered why he had so much illadelph. the most ive ever seen in a store of one brand lol. i couldent imagine them not having what you are looking for and i would be surprised if you could find a better price somewhere else in the NY area

    also when are you looking to go in and pick one up?

    anyways hit me back if you have any questions or if i could help you at all
  3. i've been to lg within the last month and i can confirm they still illadelphs now, although it's really overpriced.
    i guess i'll checkout some of the stores in the city too. i hear blue nile is also a really good shop.
  4. if you want an illy go to ny gifts. you can def get a tube and matching ac for under 500 maybe 400 if you can bargain
  5. how much would just the ac run me?
    i might just get an ac and a tube later, since i already have a phx tube.
  6. OK, i can help. Go to NY Gifts, in the west village. At 375 6th avenue at waverly(a block below 8th street), only store in the city to carry real Illadelph(that i know of) amazing store and a great quality selection.
    lets see, i got a 7mm, 18" tube with a matching ashcatcher and a red velvet vatra case all for 420.
    Anymore questions just hit me up, im in the heart of the city.
  7. :eek: that's a great price
    are you a regular at that shop or did he just hook it up?
  8. I think that was the first time i bought from there, it was a bday present to myself, ive got a thread with pics and such somewhere....
    anyway I like to stop in every once in a while and say hi and look around even if im not going to purchase anything. But im going in soon to buy an inline a/c, and i always buy bong cases there.

    But blue nile has shit prices compared to nyg
  9. ic
    how much would the ac w/o the tube run me?
  10. I would guess around 100-120 ish area.
  11. I dont know, the diffuser is attached to the ashcatcher for Illy, so if its the right length and joint size it will most definatly fit
  12. ahh ok. thnx the all the help dude :D
  13. bring it with you?

    that's a nice bong man, where'd you get it and how much if you don't mind?
  14. gotham ftw!

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