anyone in seattle??

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  1. what up guys, so heres the deal. my sister goes to college in seattle, n in two weeks I am giong to go visit her. I went with my family to take her there a few years ago her freshman year, n i loveddd it there. Never thought id like big cities, but seattle is badass.
    I would love to blaze down in seattle so if anyone wants to chill, i might be able to. not gauranteein so dont plan around it but im just look for people i could possibly chill with while she is workin or doin other things.

    thanks, oh n if this was in the wrong thread, sorry please jut move it.
  2. Seattle is really small btw. What college does your sister go to?, UW?
  3. I live in Seattle. its cool mannn
  4. live real close to seattle, love itt.
    great dank
  5. meh, I'd say if you know where to look theres good weed around. Otherwise I find seattle mostly full of schawg.
  6. I DISAGREE!! i go to seattle every year for HEMPFEST and i find the most amazing buds down there alot of the time. I visit every now and then because i have friends that live in concordia and if you know the right people you can get some amazing buds down there. washington is a great opporotunity for young growers to go. there is lots of potential regardless of what people think.
  7. well sure at hempfest your gonna find hella good shit everywhere, it's a god damn weed festival. And you just helped my point, so how do you disagree.
  8. I never found anything but dank in Seattle. Even the one time i bought off of dude in that one park next to Pikes, it was some fire. I used to live in u-district and couldn't walk down the Ave without someone offering me some bud (when school was in session anyways)
  9. see what i mean, your gonna get seattle's blessing eventually and your gonna score some danks! just wait and see
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    Really? that's fuckin lucky the last time I bought off some dude in downtown was after I left a laser show outside the space needle, shit was wack as fuck, maybe it was just the one time that killed it for me. Oh yeah and that time I bought from some clown in the u-district, his shit was weak AND it was off by about 2-3grams, than there's the punk that lives like 2min from my house, he's always callin me lookin for $220/o of fire. I don't know how to find that. Than there's my other friend who sold me shit weed as well and he was my friend, we were friends through high school and shit and he sold me garbage, wasn't too happy. Mind you for all my bad experiences I have multitudes of great weed experiences, bellevue=killer place to get weed, I had no idea about that.
  11. that I can definately cosign.. Bellevue had the stickiest shit, and a nice selection.. i was blown away.
  12. she goes to seattle pacific university.
    dont remember where in seattle it is though.
    but to be honest, i dont really care if they dont have danks down there. i mean of course id prefer it but the main goal is to just blaze somethin while im there.
    bein high in seattle would be soo much different than loveland colorado i just gotta try it.
    anyone around seattle pacific?
  13. alright im here now n its even better than i remember.
    i fuckin love seattle so much to do here n its so much different than colorado
    my sisters house is badass n i just wanna sit on the porch smokin bowls
    somebody who lives here def needs to hit me up soon

    Just thought i would say that for those of yallw ho dont know :)
  15. oh thats badass!
    now i just need someone to help me come into possesion of some buds
    or atleast help me get high while im here lol
  16. damn dude, i used to live right across the ballard bridge from SPU.. wish i still did and i'd come down and show you some seattle dank
  17. how are people saying they don't get good weed in Seattle. in Seattle i get the best weed out there i have the dank hook ups and i cant imagine getting bad weed unless i was just buying off the street from some sketchy people.
  18. I'm 287 mi east of Seattle, and haven't been there for almost 15 years.
  19. WTF Seattle has dank ass bud what're you talking about? I haven't seen schwag ever in my whole smoking career. Yup, like ipack said, even walking down the U-District, dank buds getting offered everywhere.

    However, there's some sketchy black people, and it's HOT. Cops crusin the streets all day. You have to know the right people man, again your insane for saying Seattle doesn't have dank bud.
  20. Aww... I miss the Pike Market..

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