anyone in rhode island want a medical marijuana card to grow legally?

Discussion in 'General' started by fuzzyOne401, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. If anyone in RI wants a caregiver card so they can grow bud legally I will do it for a very reasonable amount of smoke. I'be had HIV for 30 years and I have a medical marijuana card. I'm allowed to have a caregiver grow for me and also your allowed to possession as well.
    Lmk if u or someone you know might be intereseted. I'm looking for someone who knows what their doing and already are setup or have the available funds to really get set up.not some little kid who thinks it would be cool to have a weed card, or someone who is gonna waste my time. I can revoke your card at any time if you burn me.I am very easy going and very reasonable. I have my own indoor setup so I wouldn't expect a whole lot in return. Just a little bud perhaps some clones. We'll work something out.

    The card costs 75 dollars for two years and you must go get your background check at the attorney general in Providence its five bucks no cash accepted. Once u get ur background check I fill out the paper we mail in the check and in about two weeks they mail u an appointment To get your card. I know you dont have to have a perfectly clean record. If you have misdemeanor I wouldn't worry but you may want to check the laws on the Rhode island medical marijuana site.

    Thanks guys hopefully we can work something out.
  2. id help you out, but were on opposite sides of the country...

    Good luck buddy.
  3. I wish I could help to, I am just really far away.
  4. Man nobody?
  5. hey, I'm from providence, and I would like to start growing marijuana for you. I have all the materials set up and ready to start. Reply to this post if you still need a caregiver.
  6. Damn dude sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you find someone good

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