Anyone here into Astrology?

Discussion in 'General' started by MetaGera, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I sure am. I've been reading many things about it lately, and I've been pretty amazed at accurate it all is, even when some things seem vague at first in horoscopes, I can relate to it by the end of the day anyway.

    I really don't believe it's based on opinion and all that junk. I've actually been looking into physical characteristics for each sign, and I've pretty much felt amazed when I could figure one's sign based on appearance. If you don't believe me, you can check that stuff out for yourself. :hello:

    And by the way, I'm soooooo fuckin' tipsy right now. :D
  2. I'm big into astrology.. it is amazing how you can relate it to people you know, friends and family... very interesting.
    there's a few threads I've seen around about this lately, though.
  3. im with you OP, ive managed to tell people what sign they are here and there...

    i made a thread about Astrology too.

  4. LMAO, did you just seriously post that? The astrologer who wrote that up must have really sucked at what he did, since everyone is different.
  5. i like astrology. i'm not super into it but i do check my horoscopes.

    i'm a saggitarius :D
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    The point he's trying to make is that Astrology is bullshit.
    It's on par with psychics and 'mediums'.
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    i dont really believe in the horoscope shit, since their written so generally.. but i do believe that the alignment of the stars can have an effect on people... afterall we're all part of the universe.. and also my "religion" has alot to do with astrology for rituals/magik

    edit: and actually, the CIA dumped millions of dollars into a study on telepathy/psychics, and they found that it is actually possible, though somewhat rare.. they had this one psychic who was able to map out this facility in another country and what was inside of it...

    just cuz science cant prove it yet doesnt mean its false man. too many people rely on science to explain absolutely everything, when 200 years ago we didnt even know about genetics and the atom... just cuz we didnt have an advanced enough microscope then doesnt mean atoms didnt exist then either.. and then the atom was thought to be the smallest thing in existence, and it was found that you can split an atom in half, making something even smaller

    and what about dark matter.. tons of scientists agree that it exists, since somethin like 98% of our universe is "missing", yet we havent been able to prove its existence or gather any yet
    science cant prove EVERYTHING is the point i'm gettin across

    edit: i'm a taurus by the way, and i have found horoscopes to kinda describe me, but all it is really is mentalism.. chris angel proved this, he gave like 6 different people all the exact same reading as a "psychic" and they all were like "omg he was soo right i'm blown away" n then he came out n gave them all there money back n was like "i just told all of you the exact same thing, heres your money back, i'm just tryin to show how easy it is to get scammed"
  8. It really does sound gerealized. But then again, life can be pretty general at times, right? ;) Hmm. maybe you'd need a personalized horoscope for yourself.. but like you, I'm much more into astrological aspects than horoscopes.

    I'm a pisces. :D
  9. About a year ago I used to look at astrology stuff all the time I believe most of it is true.

    Im a Scorpio.
  10. yeah, and i believe in the easter bunny too!:rolleyes:
  11. The easter bunny isnt real.
  12. Neither are the conclusions you believers draw from the stars, and the back page of the newspaper, with the horoscopes.
  13. ^^^ exactly. it has been proven that the nurse that walked by in the hall outside the room you were born in as you were being born has more gravitational pull on you than any stars and planets ever will and thus blows all that astrology hog wash down the drain.:hello:
  14. frankly, i think its a bunch of bs.

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