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  1. Sup guys, as you all know i'm brand new to the GC forums and after some time lurking i thought it'd be a good idea to join the forum that i regularly visit.

    I was wondering if any GC'ers have had any problems with HGS co. Personally i've stuck with Attitude and dr Chronic (in the past) but i'm curious to see what HGS has to offer. I notice a whole bunch of different strains such as Black Pearl, avalanche, etc. and also classic strains that well love such as NL#5, White Widow, and AK47.

    Any help on their 'legitness' is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I ordered Blue Widow seeds from High Grade. They came in about 2 weeks, because I sent cash. I've only ordered from one other seed co. but HG's method of stealth was the best, no chance of the seeds being damaged or discovered. I can't tell you the quality of the seeds yet though as I will be growing them outdoors in the spring. I can tell you that I got 3 out of 3 to germinate at this point and they are very healthy looking plants.
    If anyone out there can comment on the finnished product I would also be very interested.
  3. Did your seeds come in the original breeders pack(s) ??

  4. No they didn't. At least they did not come with a killer pic and description. I beleive that is what you are talking about. I think everything they have is their own breeding, so I guess what they send it in, is their breeder packing.
  5. thanks for the input Briar Patch!

    and sick site Chubbs! I've been keeping up with most of the updates for some weeks now.
  6. FWIW, since Highgrade is the breeder whatever they send them in is their breeder pack.
  7. Hi Twist That Up,

    I hear High Gade are okay and do deliver. That's just what I hear, though. Never tried them myself.

    Tressie :wave:
  8. He's the best hands down. They do breed their own and guarantee delivery no matter what. i ordered nl5 and after 4 weeks, I emailed him through the site wondering where they were , and within 2 hours he had emailed back. I wrote back order details and such, and within another hour he wrote back and said he would resend that evening. 4 days and another conformation email later, they were in my mailbox. Im 12 days in, now 5 nodes of growth, and barely 3in tall. Im plenty happy. :) HGS rocks.
  9. highgrade was my first purchase. bought some black queens and was really excited. The forum found on their website has a ton of info for their strains. Sadly out of ten only 4 made it and all were males. needless to say im not going to order from them again.:(

  10. im not being an arse hole but how did you germ them?? maby not propley??:( and its sad to hear you got no ladys:(:( i have heard only good about HG look at this grow on GC it is grown with HG seeds i cant tell you from exp but i will be able to soon as im ordering next week:hello:
  11. HG Seeds is for real. 100% germination rate on NL#5. 5", 6 nodes and a little over a month old (they had to recover from some HID stress early on), and healthy. I'll put together a journal at some point.
  12. just got my order from HGS. 14 days from order date (using just first class mail). came with extra seeds too. :) this was my first order from them...i'm very pleased so far.
  13. Absolute favorite seed bank. Quality seeds, fast stealth delivery.
  14. I am disappointed a little bit with highgrade.

    First, my second order i paid for priority, and my package came like the first one. no tracking number. where they put the 15$ US extra for priority ? probably directly in their pocket, and not into the courier method.

    Second, i ordered some Brainwreck, only 4 germinated. On those 4 seeds, 2 were too much weak, and the other 2 were male/hermie. 65$ in the garbage? yes sir.

    Sorry Highgrade for this post, but i tried to catch your attention, but you did nothing.
  15. bummer dude. did you email them and let them know your situation? in my experience they have been very prompt with email replies.

    sorry to hear the disappointment, and from what i have heard and experienced i think you are very much in the minority. :(
  16. yeah i sent 2 emails. they replied me :
    Your order has been mailed - all orders at Xmas take twice as long.

  17. you can email them saying you were not happy at all with your seeds and take them up on there garentee stateing that if you are not happy with your seeds they will send you a new selection free of charge :) try that and get back to us :) i ordered mine last week... hopefully theyncome soon :):) i ordered white widow, electric fruit punch and blueberry :):) I cant wait for my beans
  18. i might have to take that offer with the highgrade seeds. had black queen... i germed them in a airtight tuperware container wrapped in blankets. have always had atleast 90% germ rate...

    Maybe i got a bad batch cause as soon as i placed the order the next day they were sold out :confused:
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    aww man im sorry for you you should email them i ordered 2 weeks ago and got them yesterday i got 12 electric fruit punch and 13 white widow... i love freebys:) still waiting for my blueberry tho :(... started germing just one electric fruit punch today to see how it goes... will get back to you guys....

    Peace :wave:

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