anyone here from ROC? (rochester, ny for the rest of you)

Discussion in 'General' started by Fush6644, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. just seeing how many we have representing our shitty ass city haha
    nah, its not too bad, the suburbs at least
    great golfing which is a plus
    too baked to type more
  2. roch chaaaa chaaa god i hate when ppl say that:mad:
  3. I'm from Buffalo/Niagara Falls area but I know mad people from 'the Roc' because of school.
  4. where do you go to school?
  5. I live a little ways away...not as terrible as some people make it out to be :p
  6. I lived in the village of Hilton (town of Parma), right nearby Rochester up until about eight years ago. The city itself sucks (still murder capital of the state?), but the suburbs are damn nice. Cheap property, decent weather - I wouldn't mind moving back there actually. I liked living there a lot better than living in the Hudson Valley. The cost of living here is much higher due to the number of NYC douchebags who own property in the area. They either take the train in every day or use the property here as their "weekend home". So property taxes are through the roof and gas prices are higher than most of the rest of the state too. And then there's the horse shows all summer long, which are just a magnet for city douchebags. I wish I still lived in the Rochester area.
  7. I was born in Rochester and lived in the wee little mormon town of Palmyra haha
    Just moved to Chattanooga, TN though
  8. I went to RIT a while ago so I lived in Henrietta for a year.

    It was about equally shitty to the city I'm living in now.
  9. Im still a student @ rit lol
  10. hahah anyone actually active on this site from rochester?
  11. Rochester holla....such good bud here
  12. eh, it's hard to maintain a constant supply of good bud in this city, seems like it changes every week. Maybe you know something(or Someone) i dont!
  13. I fucking hated that school, 5 go 1 guy to girl ratio in my class, bricks everywhere, lame parties.

    I would have to go to University of Rochester parties to find girls.

    I would have graduated in 08 if I stuck it out. I think 4 years would have broken my spirit beyond repair.
  14. crazy
  15. im from rochester!
    whats good rochester people!
  16. I live on the west side of Rochester right now about 20 minutes from RIT whats good?!
  17. shit nothin, im chillin at my cousins house on lake ave about to smoke a nice dutchie :hello:
  18. Weerrdd ddooee lake ave though?

    Dont get shot haha
  19. i dont live here, im just coolin here
    i live in east irondequoit loll
  20. what's good, east irondequoit +rep

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