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Anyone here from NY?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokyosnow, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I just moved out here and i was wondering how much yall got your smoke for.
  2. upstate ny - $120 a fuckin quarter
    $20 a g

    these are dank prices
  3. I'm from Lower Ny, not in the city, and prices are like 20$ a g, extremely inflated. Look into growing, my friend.
  4. Meeeeeeee....

    120-125 a Quarter of fine ass Marijuana. :smoke:
  5. Back home, right before I took my 1 year break I was getting dank Dank (Headband, Jack Herrer, etc) for around $350-$375 an O/$175-$200 a half/$90-$115 a quarter near Albany. Now, up in Western NY, I've found some dank ranging from $75-$125 a quarter depending on the guy.
  6. i may 370 for an oz of danks up in the capital district.
  7. 300 an ounce for the piff in washington heights nyc.

    the exotic strains are 350+

    usually 400 an ounce is normal for piff and 500 for exotic if you dont know a dealer.
  8. I'd say the Tri-state area is always around $20/g. Hope you can find a grower!
  9. I'm from upstate. You can get pretty decent dro for 10/g, and about 220-240/Ounce. Theres LOTS of crummy outdoor floating around now for cheap though. If you come across dank shit expect 15-20/g, and in my experience it doesnt last long, so buy it when you can.
  10. In the 5 boroughs it's:

    $20 = 1g
    $50 = 3.5g
    $100 = 7g

    I'd say after quarters, it varies on who you know. Pretty much what dreamer88 said.
  11. Yeah I need to find a grower in Queens, these unreliable locals never have anything i want...smh damn nickle and dimers!
  12. Sour D
  13. These are Beasters prices. Dank shit is double.

    Back in cali prices are sooo much better and the bud is better as well. Poor NY. :(
  14. how can you get 3 grams for 25 but an 8tho is so much more? seems weird for a .5

    most of these people are right. ranges in areas.

  15. where the fuck are getting SD at these prices????? dont seem right to me!
  16. depends on connects and where you live.

    i'm from upstate and its 80-100 a quarter for me.

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