Anyone heard the despicable freestyle from eminem?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by 420ozs2freedom, May 19, 2010.

  1. shit is fuckin ill check it on youtube, can't wait for his new album the recovery dude has fuckin mastered rap I put him up their with biggie and pac hate all you want you can't deny dude has some serious talent.
  2. yea despicable was pretty good, and his single not afraid was pretty good too but im gunna wait to hear the album before i say eminem is back b/c relapse disapointed me last year. Atleast he admitted Relapse was ehh and that hes now droppin the annoyin accents that been ruining his albums.
  3. I think you're giving him way too much credit. He can flow but his lyrics seriously lack a lot.
  4. what??!! man those lyrics on despicable are so fuckin sick its rediculous.. i had to listen to it a few times before i realized some of the metafors he was sayin and the words he's tying together.. Eminem is up there with the best of rappers of all-time, easily
  5. first heard it on xm radio while on an average burn run. i completely lost it when the beat switched. ahhmazing freestyle/song/rap.
  6. that wasnt a freestyle. i gaurentee he wrote that. he isnt good enough to freestyle, and i dont think it was any good anyway
  7. are u kidding me? thats like one of the reasons he got famous bro, freestyle.

    he came second to MC juice for gods sake, and that motherfucker can freestyle with the best of em
  8. im not convinced. i still think it took him a week to write that, and that he sucks at rapping.
  9. a week to write what? the despicable freestyle? or his rap olympics freestyle? lol dude u prob dont even know who MC juice is do u? one of the nasty freestylers EVER and eminem came in second to whats that tellin u

    and for the record despicable is obv not a freestyle. freestyles now a days are considered either off the top OR going in over someone else's instrumental

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