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Anyone heard of a weed moisturizer??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justebeats, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. the title makes it sound like lotion or something lol

    but my homie just brought me this little plastic black peice it looks like a small egg or somethin..has holes in both sides..u put it in a cup of water...then just drop it in ur weed jar and in a few hrs it makes ur weed like soft and fresh...

    anyone have one of theese or heard of it?? i think its pretty cool...he got it at a local headshop..
  2. why the heck would u want your weed o have moisture in it that doesnt make sense to me, itd be an easy way to rip people off lol
  3. like the humidifier in a humidor? that might work if you need it for a large amount. If just the ass end of your quarter dried out put orange peels in the jar just dont let them touch the bud
  4. Like ROCgrass said, small orange peel for a few hours.
  5. Screw that. Best way, hands down, tried and tested to moisturize weed is a cork top jar. Just wet the bottom of the cork a bit and close it up for 10 minutes or so (we measure it as how long it takes to smoke one bowl). Your weed is guaranteed to be softer. Same goes for if your weed is too wet. Stick a dry cork over it. Cork and weed transfer water very well. Enjoy :D Greatest investment I ever made for my weed. :smoke:

  6. thts basically the same effect...but it makes the weed super soft and fresh feeling...i feel like this lil thing is my best invesment lol(besides a bong of course)

    and to who ever said y would you want moisturized weed...smh:rolleyes:
  7. its pointless why dont you jus buy a mist bottle and spray it all over..................o wait putting water on weed not only makes it shitty for smoking but it also makes it hard to break up and eventually you'll be smoking some mold.
  8. Just keep your buds in a humidor in a glass bowl or clean glass ashtray. You can pick up a humidor for $30 or so.
  9. i got one of those from the smoke shop. i use it to keep my rolling tobacco fresh. it works well for bud too. it keeps it fresh without getting it wet.

    its just a little sponge inside an egg with holes all over it.
  10. they actually worm really well if your in a dry climate an ur buds go all dusty after awhile. They are like little egg lookin things that r all porus. they work pretty well actually.
  11. you should get a container thats air tight and store inside with ideally an MJ leaf, but any sizable leaf will work. just leave it for a day and it should rehydrate quite nicely. i hear people use lime peels but that raises the risk of mold in my opinion.

  12. SMOK3

    Love the quote in the sig.

    You should wash the citrus fruit well before you eat it regardless of what you do with the peel. It would only be for a few hours anyways.
  13. you can use a bit of peel from any citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc). Just put it in a baggie with your herb (but not making direct contact with it) for a couple of hours. When you remove it the bud will be fluffy and fresh again and imparted with the flavour of whatever fruit you chose.

    Keep in mind this is to restore freshness to extremely dried out, powdery bud.

  14. LOL, i wonder if there is a way to infuse flavors into weed, like liquor or tobacco

  15. Liquor? How fucking rancid.

  16. Nooo... that's like ruining a Crown Royal with "a splash of cola"!
  17. I used a small piece of lettuce in my MMJ containers if the leaf is too dry. Moistens it up nicely in just a few hours.
  18. my friend used to put a damp paper towel over the top of the weed container to moisturize his stash. just a little bit cheaper than what ur talkin about.
  19. because wet weed doesnt roll, break up, or smoke well. and it also weighs more. a common practice of shifty dealers around me is to spray the bud with a fine mist of water with a tiny bit of lemon juice. it makes the bud heavy, look better, and smell good. but if you know your shit you can bust them out as soon as you smell it, because any bud that smells like lemons is fucked with.
  20. Um, no. They could just as easily have put lemon peels into whatever they keep their bud in. That makes it smell like lemons and I wouldn't call that fucking with the bud.

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