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Anyone have or use the Itazte SvD

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Armory, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. I have two of them!
    I love the SVD!
    I am sure you can find an attachment for dry bud. Probably any attachment will fit it. With certain attachments you will only need an adapter. I am pretty sure they sell adaptors for many attachments. You may have to hunt around to find them, but I am sure they are out there.
    I must thank you for the link you put up. Less than $38 and free shipping! That is perfect for me. In your link, only some of the accessories are provided. My kits were $89, also a pretty good deal. It comes with an additional sleeve so you have more battery options. It also comes with two i30 Clearomizers. If one of my units goes bad, I will order a replacement unit from the place in your link.
    The SVD is the best vaporizer I have ever used. It has all of the quality features with none of the BS features, like hit counters and stuff like that. As you can see in one of my pictures, you can have custom glass tanks made for it. I only use oil in my vaporizers. Actually, I only use oil period now.
    The i30 attachment is the best attachment (clearomizer) that I have used for oil. It delivers the most powerful hits and for some reason, I get higher from the SVD than any other vape, even though I am using the same oil.
    The i30 may not be prefered for e-ciggs though because of the metal mouthpiece. For some reason, the metal effects many of the sweetners or flavors in the e-cigg oils. It "hides" the sweetness. For mj concentrates, it is the whoop!
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  2. my bro got the svd,he has been non stop talking about it for a couple month's now after he broke the cheap one our pops had used to quit smoking.now im thinking about getting one but don't want to mess with it a lot or become very knowledable about them to use it to quit smoking.
    Thx for the heads up I will go with the provari.will post about it when it arrives.thanks!
  3. Yea dude you can't go wrong with the Provari. If you look on any ecig forum, they will tell you the same thing.

    The SVD is still an amazing value though and I admit it looks pretty damn awesome, especially with a lightsaber J-wrap :D
  4. oh hey man! quick question! do you know which attachment's I would need to be able to use dry flowers and wax with the provari? I want to try and get everything in one go.i realize I may need 3 different tanks for the flowers/oil/nicotine whatever I just want everything in one go.but not sure what all I will need.
  5. Wax: Gentlemens Hash oil atomizer , Kanger 510 cartomizers and also the Vhit glass globe V2 or something similar

    Flowers: while none actually "vape" flowers you can try a Dry herb cart somewhere like Atmos and I think gentlemens has a dry herb too. But most still function more like electric pipes than vapes (they all combust instead of vape)

    Tinctures: this is where you will have the most options . Tinctures can use literally any cartomizer , atomizer or Clearomizer. I'd go with a Kanger Protank v2, or a smoketech DCT tank cartomizer. I hear the innokin iclear30 is pretty nice clearo too . You can also find cheaper , similar options in the Kanger EVOD Clearomizers , Vivi Nova tanks or the CE4s (510 or ego thread).

    More info is in the first link in my sig.
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    I have watched some videos on many different APVs tested by a very trusted reviewer.
    Be glad you got the Vamo V3 it is worth the money.
    This guy does a review on the SVD. He is very strict on all of his reviews. Most of his complaints with the SVD had been fully corrected before it was released for sale. He did one on the expensive JoyTech and he showed it to be junk, at least by his standards.  See if you can find a review by him on the Provari.
    Edit: I enjoy vaping e-cigg oil. I didn't purchase vaporizers to quit vaping, just to quit smoking cigarettes. In less than a week I became cigarette free. It has been quite a few months now and I have no urge for a cigarette. A little warning, you may like vaping e-cigg oil better than smoking ciggs and could become a habit. For me to quit smoking, I don't care for those types of vaporizers. I like them better for concentrates mixed with propylene glycol USP (e-cannabis oil). For quitting smoking cigarettes, my favorite device is an eGo C Twist 650mah variable voltage pen battery (less than $20), and for a attachment for the e-cigg oil (clearomizer) I prefer the iClear16. I use this device constantly and daily as a replacement for cigarettes and I really enjoy it.
  7. Pbsaurdo is an awesome vape reviewer . He's the one that showed me how to recoil the Igo-L . I trust him on his reviews and also check out epicecigreviews too for honest reviews.

    I've heard people complaining about the feel of the Provari but never about functionality. It's pretty expensive to nt function how you want it to.

    Glad I got my vamo though since the only complaints I see about the V3 are it's grooves. The SVDs only complaints I see are the screen being on the outside . So both seem like pretty solid APVs and since the price tag is lower on these than a Provari, it makes it easy for most to try them out.
  8.  Crap! I was hoping I was able to edit my post you quoted bevfore it got quoted.... Big oopsie. I did not see a review on the Provari, I had it mixed up with the JoyTech, I apologize for that mistake.
    You got me curious about the Provari, I will have to look into it.
  9. The Joytech EVIC ? I think that's the one you mean. That thing is a little overrated , even with its ability to firmware update, it's completely made of plastic and expensive for the features you get (and don't get. )

    Provaris haven't really had too many complaints but a nice Stainless Steel one would be great . They have alot of features , but the industry is slowly catching up to them and some of the cheap ones hold their own against it
  10. SVD is great for an ecig. You can't vape dry herb with it significantly well. You can vape oil with certain atomizers but it ruins them rapidly. Your best bet is to cook tincture. Google "badkittysmiles a how-to with canna" and a GC link should come up, read that.
    I must agree, but also disagree.
    The SVD that I have came with the iClear30 tank. I will put that tank, unit, hit, buzz, long lasting, up against any unit here on Earth.
    Mixing the RSO with PG USP, all high quality, I would happily put it up against any other method of vaporizing concnetrated cannabis oil. Especially when it comes to potency and medicinal value.
    I guss what I should say is, don't knock it until you try it. :)

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