Anyone have messed up lungs

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  1. Ive been coughing for a few weeks now, but im pretty sure its bronchitis. I also have asthma, and i breathe so much better when im high.
  2. Mine are fucked up from having sever asthma as a kid and then smoking tobacco for a while. Now that I dont use any form of tobacco they have never been better. I try and vape as much as I can but still smoke a bowl or joint every now and then and have never noticed any ill effects unless I smoke for a few days in a row. I tried smoking a blunt a while back though and it really messed with my breathing, so Im staying away from them.

    I even talked to my lung specialist about Vaporizing before. They didnt really agree with it since its still inhaling something into your lungs but they also said they could see no negative effects from it on me thus far.
  3. Yeah I have a pretty bad throat right now from smoking a cigar and a bunch of cigs when I was drunk :(
  4. Nope. Was a cigg smoker for a 4/5 years too. Last time I went to the doctor they were 98% capacity.
  5. I have COPD which chronic bronchitis falls under. I don't have trouble breathing but i get pretty very over 4 times a year and am always clearing my chest. Not fun.
  6. I fucked my lungs up good.

    Started smoking cigarettes when I was 14 im 20 now.

    I get shortness of breathe when walking up most stairs or hills.

    Fucking sucks.
  7. They were worse before bho.
  8. Have had asthma since birth. Smoked ciggarettes from age 14-20. Smoke pot 2-3x daily.

    Recently had a breathing test at the doctor and they said all is well and I tested above average.
  9. Shit yeah, I cough up some nasty stuff. I assume from smoking too much for too long. Cigarettes, cigarellos, cigars, blunts, joints, bowls, bongs. I think the unfiltered tobacco and cannabis smoke is especially harmful.
  10. yup i cough like an old man in the mornings......highly unattractive
  11. Are you saying BHO allows you to smoke less flower because my BHO gives me some gorilla hits..
  12. You guys realize people smoke cannabis for asthma, right? Miss HT 2010 is a stoner celeb that does..

  13. I no longer smoke flower at all. Rarely cough up shit, lungs feel much better overall.
  14. can't say I do. I have been burning flowers for like 6 years now and I only had a 2 week period where I had a super wet smokers cough but other than that Nah I'm fine
  15. I'm not a huge cougher but when I tried to dab some BHO without a glass of water, man I was coughing forever it felt..

  16. Right? I just started smoking spliffs a few weeks ago because i can't smoke weed alone without having massive cough attacks. It's the only way i can smoke weed right now unless i could afford a vape. To the point, my cough is getting worse in the long run.

    (short run but not a sprint run) :confused:
  17. I have ashtma, but it really only affected me as a kid. I only smoke herb, and I feel just fine.
  18. I've never smoked Cigs, I smoke weed pretty frequently though and my lungs feel fine, I have a large lung capacity too. I'd like to eventually move to dabbing and vaping more than smoking flowers though.
  19. My asthma kicks in when I take huge hits or smoke blunts.. I need to stop smoking cigs, if I did that my lungs would be amazing.

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