Anyone have Halo ODST?

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    I'm truly considering buying this game. Does anyone have it? Is it fun? I guess really I want to know if it's worth buying...

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't officially release until the 22nd, but I think some people have it already.

    Edit: I just realized it is the 22nd. I'm just too stoned...
  2. I'm waiting for ths game to get delivered to me at some point today, so i'll play it for a bit when I recieve it and come back with a report. Although i'm sure many others on here have already played it.
  3. Meh, Halo feels too slow paced once you've played.. well bascially any other FPS. I'm gonna let my friends pick it up and tell me how it is.
  4. All the DLC maps are on the second disk, plus access to the Reach Beta, whenever that comes out.
    Fire fight seems like it's alot of fun, the maps are HUGE. I played a couple by myself for about an hour, only downside to firefight is that if you don't have any friends that have it, there's no matchmaking to get in a game with randoms. But you could always go on Bungie's or Xbox's forums and find a Firefight friend list you can get on.

    If you're unsure, rent or borrow it to be safe.
  5. yea i rented it

    so far the campaign is cool, anybody wanna do co-op or firefight send me a invite

    gt - johnnyblazed88
  6. what's this firefight all about?

  7. Horde mode for Halo.
  8. Eh I was never really a fan of halo campaign, it looks like they've made some improvements to it in this expansion but i definitely dont think that it is worth the 60$ price tag. A relatively short campaign + some new maps/weapons and a new multiplayer mode isnt going to sell me for 60$ so MAYBE when it comes down in price.
  9. I'll pick it up used off Craigslist at some point. Fuck giving money to Microsoft charging $60 for a expansion pack. Halo singleplayer sucks anyway so I'd only be picking it up for the MP.
  10. saving my $60 for the new cod. Saw some videos of ODST and it didnt look that great, maybe ill pick it up once it gets cheaper or rent it at some point.
  11. I hate all of you, I get the red ring right when all the good games come out.

    GT - Vicious176

    I'll be back on within the month.
  12. Where you playing Call of Duty world at war the other day? I think I played with you.
  13. I do, looking for people to play campaign an firefight with add me to your friends list

  14. Yeah I have ODST but I hate that they do not have matchmaking for firefight its so much fun. I haven no one to play it with.

    So add me as a friends my gamertag is : The3amJunkie

    I am on a lot ill be on tonight 8:30 CT have to go to work now though.
  15. im down to play firefight(gt - johnnyblazed88)

    the campaign in this shit is great, maybe the best out of the 4
  16. I dont think anything will top the campaign of the original HALO:Combat Evolved.

    It was the funnest thing to play through the whole game coop on the halo ring. The whole game was on the Halo ring, environments kept changing, different terrain, the story line, everything.

    but I guess i'm not done with the new campaign either..

    Ill add you tonight I get off work at 11:00pm CT :( busy day.
  17. I feel like i got ripped on this game, the campaign takes like 6-7 hours on legendary, its only 3 new maps for Halo 3 and then they just give you firefight mode which is just like horde mode for gears 2 :hello:
  18. This was one of the, if not the biggest dissapointments in gaming ive ever had. the campaign is short as hell and half the time im just walking around trying to find beacons or other boring shit. multiplayer is literally h3s and firefight is alright. what a fuckin waste of 60 dollars. even if you are the biggest halo fanboy and loved the others DO NOT GET THIS GAME
  19. I just had the greatest time recapturing the feelings I used to have when playing vidgames. The new Halo is the only game I've ever loved since the original halo - and that's the only two games ever. I don't play vidgames much anymore, because they're expensive and my attention span doesn't really allow for it, but this game is ace.

    Fightfight: Awesome
    New Story/Art design/Level design: Awesome
    Music: Pretty Awesome
    Intensity: Yes
  20. of course, $60 for an expansion pack is ridiculous

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