anyone have experience with organic fertilizers?

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  1. I need to know if my mix is to strong and if it will burn 3-4 week old seedlings. I will be mixing 1 tablespoon of mexican bat guano per gallon of soil(npk rating of 10-3-1), 1 tablespoon of kelp meal, and one tablespoon of greensand. I will also be adding half a tablespoon of dried molasses and half a tablespoon of peruvian seabird guano(npk rating of 10-10-2). I will be mixing this in with the soil and letting it sit for 3-4 weeks while the seedlings are growing in 16oz party cups.

    I will only be feeding the seedlings worm tea if and when they show signs of yellowing. I want to know if i transfer the seedlings at 3-4 weeks if the mixture in the ground with the fertilizers will be too strong and hurt the plants. I want a mix that will feed the plants for 3-4 weeks and then i will begin to supplement them with tea's made from both guanos, kelp, worm castings, and molasses. This will be my first grow so I dont have much experience but have done a lot of research.
  2. Yum! All those nutes!

    Im glad to see that your really into organic ferts. Me too :D

    Produces the tastiest smoke :smoking:

    Your mixture seems pretty good. I wouldnt be worried about fert burn.

    Dont forget the vermiculite and perlite. Hehe

    The biggest problem with the super rich soils is pests. Either animals or insects.

    I once dug a huge hole 10ft x 10ft and 3ft deep. I had some decent sized plants.
    I lost the whole plot to a bear! A bear! Can you belive that? Musta been all that bone meal I was using :p
  3. aight thanks im glad it sounds good. Yea thats why im staying away from bone and blood meal, I dont want to attract any unwanted visitors digging up my plants. Guano's expensive but i hear its worth it.
  4. Sounds like someone's in for an early hibernation....:D
  5. HAHA thats the funniest story i have heard today.....A BEAR!!!! HAHA

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