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anyone have any luck with detox drinks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by biigdiirty, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. i have a job interview at a fast food joint this friday  and last time i smoked was monday so no doubt ill test postive i went to a headshop and bought a detox drink called "jazz" just want to see how was your luck with a detox drink 

  2. I tried one from gnc, was almoat 3 weeks clean. Did everything it said to do and still failed. Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont. Good luck

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
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    Most of the time they don't work. Mainly because weed it fat soluble and exercise is the only way to rid the THC faster. In my opinion, if you are a heavy smoker, abstaining for about 30-45 days should work along with exercising.
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    Do you know for sure they drug test and what kind of test they are giving? The 2 main kinds they give are urine and saliva. Urine takes 30-45 days to pass if your are a heavy smoker and about 48 hours for saliva.
  5. Urine or piss.. lol. Just use some quick fix man.
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    Sorry, I meant urine or saliva. Though I never tried those myself, I've heard few stories where someone was a heavy smoker and passed.
  7. I exercise about 4 to 5 times a week and the only thing I drink is water about a gallon a day and dont have a ton of body fat if they do a saliva test I should be in the clear but if its a urine I dont know. One of my friends said he got hired without a drug test but tested him once he was hired Sent from my SM-N900T using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Yeah its just synthetic urine.. I am a very heavy smoker and used it to pass a test at respectable place a while back still work there now.
  9. I heard a lot more places can tell if it's synthetic.
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    Whats a heavy smoker? How often you smoke or how much you smoke in a day? My tolerance is low so I dont smoke a lot, I go through maybe an eighth a month (sometimes less) even if Im smoking bowls from my spoon. Im getting a new job, and havent smoked for a little over a week, but I have to take a test this weekend. Its my first time having to take a test for a job so Im kinda nervous about passing. This really sounds like a dumb question, but like I said Im nervous lol. 
  11. This actually works. I passed a test similar to that given to me by my probation officer. Go to the grocery store and buy certo. It is fruit pectin and should be in the same aisle as jello. While you are there by a 32 oz bottle of lemon lime Gatorade and vitamin b pills (if clear looking pee would be a problem). 2-3 hours before your test, mix one package of the certo with the Gatorade and down it. Make sure to take one or two sips before putting the certo in so it doesn't overflow. It doesn't taste too bad but it's kinda thick. Next, you have to drink 3 bottles of water. Poland spring, store brand, whatever you have laying around. Down these three bottles in the time you have before your test. Make sure to pee 3 times before you test. Take 4 b vitamins with the waters if you need your urine to be yellow. Give yourself 4 days clean to be safe but I know people that pass and smoke the night before. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity ForumSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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