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Anyone grow in 5 gallon buckets.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by jimmyd, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Im just wondering who out there has grown in 5 gallon buckets, and what kind of yeilds they had. Im growing in the equivalent of a 6 gallon bucket. So basically ive got 6 gallons of soil for each plant. Im hoping to get some ideas of what kinda size i can expect these girls to grow with that amount of soil. Thanks In advance.
  2. And not to Hi-Jack a thread, but I just posted some questions about light tightness on "Homer" buckets for use in outside growing.

    Perhaps if we can gather the answers into this thread we can save some space, of bits, or something....
  3. im growing in a 5 gallon smart pot. expecting 4-6 oz easily
  4. lets say there were 35 ak 47 clones in 6 to 7 gallons of soil. They were around 2 and a half to 3feet tall now and they are gunna start to flower in 2 weeks roughly.getting perfectly ph'ed water and nutes. and lets say they were in the ground. big holes dug with 6 to 7 gallons of pro mix in em. what would you guys say an expected yield could be???
  5. also lets say they were getting 7 hours of direct sunlight. This of course is all hypothetical. but again what are your tyoughts on expected yeild
  6. im new to the veg. planting world and still learning and making decisions.
    but thinking of using the 5 gallon smart pot.
  7. I grow in 15gallon pots. But 5 gallons will work fine. Just make up what you would lose by growing more plants.
  8. yea ive grown in 5 and 6 gallon buckets last year. yeiled roughly 7 ounces of pure dank and i started them late. def. rather have quality over quantity tho....
  9. I think it might depend on what kind of strain your growing. whatever you are, or plan on growing, Indica strains will have good yields with that much soil..any sativa might need a bit more..but there are much more important factors that will affect your yield. In terms of the light going through the homer buckets, i don't know why that would be an issue for anything except hydro? but I dont know. you might want to dig holes for them anyways...big orange buckets tend to call attentino to themselves..but I dont really know your situation..
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    The problem I have with 5 gallon buckets is eventuallt ur plant canopy gets bigger then the pot so when it rains the water doesn't get to your soil.so you hafta water by hand and with any sort of dry spell this could be alot.I put 5 gallon buckets inside of 7 gallon pots and used the space for holding water then u can get something to wick the water up to the soil,rope etc. IMO 5 gallons are good for late plantings but as far as all season no way not enough space.wen it comes to outdoor bigger is better.I used containers for years but nothin beats a whole in the ground .unless you can use like 30 gallon containers and not worry
  11. hey I am currently growing two feminized og kush and chem dawg plants outdoors in MI in 5 gallon buckets with fox farm as the medium and never have I had such rapid growth! I transplanted them on july 4 went back today to check on them mind you they were babys when i transplanted not even 12 inches i wanna say and they are HUGE! both 3 1/2 ft tall I would definatley recommend 5 gallon buckets ... just make sure you sterilize them before use and poke drainage holes in the bottom and use a good medium NO MIRACLE GROW SOIL! I recommend fox farm ocean harvest cannabis LOVES this stuff. Hope this helped -Detroit Dank-

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