Anyone got ps3 and tryin to shred zombies

Discussion in 'General' started by stevooo123, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. im lookin for some one thats good at nazi zombies , i keep getting stuck with people who suck. tryin to get past level 30 so if you shred lez play. friend request me hitman3022
  2. Which map?

    Hack? Glitch hack?

  3. kino der toten
    hack.. what do ya mean? like u lay in the corner and i jump on u
    ps3 ya
  4. BUDDAPRIEST. Only have Black Ops, I'm down to play right now. Boring ass Saturday.
  5. give me a min a gotta smoke a few bowls first haha
  6. s_Hro0m

    Always fuckin zombies up. Im down to play :)
  7. I'm going to add ya'll later. I want a good match for once. Do you guys have mics?
  8. Duude im bringin my ps3 back to school next week, i have gotten to 31 b4, when i played all the time, my tag is rhcpty if you wanna add me, i wont be on until friday though. U promise you dont suck right?
  9. i have a mic, buddapriest i tried adding you but no reponse, am i good? idk i can make it to level 30 easily its the other teamates that slow me down, bby my self i made it to 47. s_hroom i ll add you
  10. Phrankdatank is my tag

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