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  1. New to this whole aspect of weed! was wondering if any one had heard of the kalashnikova strain? i know its one of the newer one 1's . . anyway.. im going to be starting my first grow with this strain.. my grow set up as follows.. . 400w hps light (i have funds for 600w or even 1000w but worried about temps in 4x4 tent.. ) 6" ruck etract with carbon filter , 4" air intake fan , oscilating fan for plants.. medium will be plagron light mix using ionic nutes..? . also another question.. i dont want to go to the hastle and risks of doing a few small grows over period of time would rather do one big'ish grow(6plants..? only 400w hps remember...?) as it states on kalashnikova site .. says will yield upto 750g per sq m. how much you think is actually achievabele with 6 plants under the 400w hps providing assuming conditions are near perfect (possible scrog grow...?) .. any ideas...? also considring i am a virgin grower.. athough i have done a mass of research.. . criticism and advice appreciated and thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to answer my queries.. im in UK by the way..

    and to anyone who may be interested here is a link to the deutch growing kalashnikova.. these guys end up with a crazy amount of bud from this.. check it out! unfortunatly you can't fast forward, i found it very informative.. :smoke::hello: Kalashnikova Grow Video 2011 HD -

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