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Anyone got any Ice bud pics?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by chefkrh, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Supposed to be picking up a 1/4 of some Ice tomorrow. Can't really find any good bud pics (dried) and want to make sure it looks right. Has anyone ever tried it? What's your opinion? I'll post pics tomorrow night. This is the first time I've been able to find any medical grade in this part of NC. My mouth is watering. Would love to see your best Ice pics to compare. Also, please support HB1380, a bill to legalize medical marijuana in NC. It goes up for vote next month. Thanks.
  2. frosty, i hope your ice is as good as my ice.

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    Just google it guy simple as that
  4. Here's my pick up. Looks good. Looks like the Ice I found on the web. Real sweet smelling, Smooth, but it doesn't really knock me on my ass like I thought after ripping two bong hits.

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  5. It looks dank bro But i have never seen the strain personally so i cnat tell u if its really ice or not as long as it gets u high tho =D
  6. first of all, probably like 90% of the time the name is just thrown on the bud to try and sell it better. never go by name always go by the quality of the bud.

    no one could possibly tell the strain of a sample of weed simply by looking at it.

  7. Well, it's smoooooooth as shit, dank as hell, got a great heady high, no couch lock, looks like the pics of ice (covered in crystals like it was dipped in sugar) and I trust the guy. It was only $125 for 7grams. Main thing is I'm HIGH and HAPPY! It's really hard to find good bud in this part of NC.
  8. ONLY $125 a quarter? I guess if it's dankness... but shit, how much is bud going for there nowadays?

    I pay max $60/8th, and if someone tries to push 3g as an eighth I won't buy it. "Can't sell you an eight but I can sell you three 20's"
  9. All you can find around here is ok midgrade for 140 an onion, and that's reasonable. Like I said, it's next to impossible to find dank bud around here so I feel lucky paying 125 because it changed a lot of hands to get to me, took about a week in the works, and still weighed right.

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