Anyone good with photoshop?

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  1. Alright bros, I been tryin to make a change in my life, and I'm ready to start pursuing a career.
    I've been filling out applications and have run into a issue. .
    My issue is that I have alot of tattoos. My specific concerns are my neck and my hands. Mostly my neck.
    Please don't give me shit about trying to get a job with a neck tattoo. I've already accepted the fact that I'll have to use a tattoo concealer when at work. That's fine.
    A couple of these applications require a recent photo of myself.
    I'd like to send a picture of myself without the neck tattoo.
    If anyone could possibly remove the tattoo with photoshop, that would be fucking amazing.

    I'll post the picture if i can get any serious replies

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  2. I'm good with photoshop but don't feel like trying to help because the last person I said I would help I ended up being lazy and not even starting it.  @PineappleChunk1985  sorry about that ( if you even remember lol )
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    What's the point? If someone notices it down the line, you'll receive the same level of scrutiny/condescension.
  4. I used to use a lot of Adobe software, if you send me a copy I would do a great job. I used to have to remove scratches hair and dust from 1000s of images for the company I worked for, mostly DVD covers.
  5. The point is getting a real job.
    If someone notices down the line then that means I didn't do a good enough Job of concealing it.

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    you the man bro

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  6. I GOT U OP
  7. Can't you use a concealer and take a picture?
  8. OP this is what you need
  9. time spent... under 10 minutes.
    I didn't really try.. used about 2 tools in ps?
    nevermind my pic. OP THIS is what will land you the job
  11. Kind of a bummer you have to do this bullshit to get a job working as somebody's cock sucker.
    I am heavily tattooed and had kick ass jobs. One was in a tattoo shop.
    You should be seeking work elsewhere.. Sounds like you want to work for some real bastards. good luck with that.
  12. I gave it a go for you.

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  13. Go buy a turtleneck, bud :p 
    Well said snoop.
  15. :dying:

  16. Send them this.
  17. This fuckery is tew much. I just took 6 grav hits. THIS IS MY LIFE!!!

  18. its almost like Dennis Rodman forgot he wasn't batman!!


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