Anyone get their pets high?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by kushman2020, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. I've never done it but i have heard stories of ppl who have done it and it ends with (usually) hilarious results.
  2. I always get my yellow lab high. dont hav any good stories but its pretty chill.
  3. My little kitty would always come around when I would smoke, so I would blow a little bit of smoke above her head and let her take what she wanted....

    Never blow smoke into an animal's face if they don't want it, that is just being a bastard.:mad:
  4. People are probably gonna be all pissy about this thread I can see it now.
  5. i am pretty sure this against the rules but high animals r funny
  6. i get my calico cat high sometimes.........blow smoke in a big bag and let her chill under it for a minute.....i really thinks she like gettin stoned she climbs all over me loving on me like crazy....its pretty chill lol

    look at lou dog down there he must of been stoned all the time....yaaa know

  7. you got that right man.

    10. Please refrain from posting about getting animals or children high.
  8. oops. i didnt even see that rule. my bad.
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