Anyone from the midwest order from attitude

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  1. I ordered from attitude and ive been tracking shipping. The last thing on the usps site says its passed thru the sorting facility in ny. Its been a couple of days since that.

    Should I expect them here within the next few business days.? Im a noob wen it cones to ordering stuff. Ive been workin with clones from a friend.
  2. It will probably be there Monday or Tuesday next week if it's gone through NY already. Don't go by the ups tracker, it's pretty much worthless.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Yea ill just expect it sometime this week. The anticipation is killin me!! Haha

    At least I have a lil chocolope to ease my nerves :)
  4. yeah, shit will be at your door before USPS updates

    if it went through NY you should be ok man. id hope for monday but mentally prepare yourself for tuesday haha.
  5. Lol yea. I wish there was an overnight delivery option haha...
  6. Your fine, you got another day or two at most. Don't worry about the tracking it will show. I should have one arriving also on Monday or Tues no problem.:D
  7. [quote name='"gecko991"']Your fine, you got another day or two at most. Don't worry about the tracking it will show. I should have one arriving also on Monday or Tues no problem.:D[/QUOTE

    Nice!! What flavors are you going to be workin with if you dont mind me askin.
  8. Right now I got OG original,Blueberry Gum and Blue Hash going. Next up is tangerine Dream,Utopia Haze and Grape God.:D
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    Nice! You have a journal goin?

    Man im like a kid on christmas eve waitin on these damn seeds!!haha
  10. I have a shipment also that says the exact same thing as of yesterday, so im also hoping to get them monday, I went with 3 blue widow, 2 purp haze, and the freebies, 2 super skunk and a dinefem
  11. No seeds yet.... :( :( :(
  12. I got the same thing last week and they showed up Saturday, however, postman screwed up I think and is asking for signature. I sent them to person that used to live here's name. I got a card saying I wasn't home and the package is at the post office under that guys name. Any suggestions on what I should do? Attitude suggested I say I'm picking up mail for him. What say you?
  13. I would go in an say your picking it up for your "room mate." Lol. Thats the best idea I can think of off the top of my head.

    How many days did it take to get to your place after the ny post office?
  14. took 3 days to get to me after the Jamaica NY thing.
  15. No seeds for me either, hopefully tomor, but on the other subject, everytime ive ever had to go pick up a package they never ask me for id, just a signature, so you should be ok
  16. Mine said passed thru jamaica ny on the 6th at 630pm so prob tomoro for me

    :fingers crossed:
  17. Just checked my usps teackin status n it said it went thru local proccess center!!!! Tomoro it is!!
  18. Seeeeeeeeeds!!!!!! Time to germ!!!!
  19. You lucky fucker, haha. I didnt get nothing in the mail today, hopefully tomor
  20. I ordered April 15. and still nothing.
    I live in mid-canada.

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