Anyone From Santa Cruz????

Discussion in 'General' started by b14z3d, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Yo watsup city... i just moved to Santa Cruz for school, i gota sweet apt on the ocean with lotsa funk and no one to smoke it with!?!?! if you live in or near Santa Cruz hit me upp so we can kickit.....:smoking:
  2. im right across the bay in monterey.. have you hit any of the clubs up yet?
  3. I live like half an hour away in san jose. Are you going to UCSC? Im going there next semester to finish some credits so I can have an official minor. If your going to UCSC we should smoke a bowl out in the woods sometime. Have a good one.
  4. yea ive been to both of the clubs in my area... i usually dont go to the clubs because if i can get better for cheaper... why not? there ok... and no i dont go to UCSC i go to Cabrillo like 5 minutes away... fuck yea im down, imm just sittin in my laz boy watchin survivorman smoke some bubblle hash and drinkin some "great white"
  5. i know there have to be soooome people that live near me!!!
  6. Im gonna be applying to the UC there, so I may see ya in about a year or so
  7. nice, yea i live like 5 min away from the school.. u should definately come to santa cruz its totally sweet
  8. I have a Santa Cruz sticker on my explorer.
  9. If I move to cali thats where I'm going. I like FL though.
  10. Live right by Santa Cruz. Love blazing and fishing at Seacliff in Aptos.
  11. Hey DankOne, love Monterey. So which one, Mary Janez or Glass Roots(I think they changed the name though) at the end of Lighthouse? I like Glass Roots myself, I know Mary Janez is locally owned and operated so a lot of people prefer them. I just found their selection to be lacking compared to across the street.

  12. yea most definitly dude, everyone i know prefers Glassroots over Mary Janez just because the prices are alot cheaper and they have a more varied selection. Theres also another one on Alverado st. that is pretty new... i believe its called Helms glass shop... havent been there yet but ive heard the prices are even better then glassroots.
  13. I think you are talking about Hellams on Alvarado. They are actually the oldest tobacco store in the area. I used to buy butterfly knives and switchblades there about 10 years ago. I know they used to have a selection of glass in the back (along with their ADULT products) but I think they took that out. Did you get a chance to go to the Jazz Fest. I couldn't get tickets. There was also the Reggae Fest. a couple of weeks ago.

  14. Hmm.. well maybe it isnt Helms im thinking of, because im pretty sure they opened up a new headshop around that area.
    I didnt get to go the jazz fest, and i didnt go to the Reggae fest either because the last time i went there i got arrested and kicked off the fairgrounds for good, lol
  15. Well hopefully they did open another one down there just to give us another option. That sucks about the Reggae Fest. A friend of mine told me last year they got busted for blazing it up at the fest. It ain't like it used to be.

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