anyone from PA?

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  1. I know there are at least a few, just wondering how many of you guys actually live in PA and what your situation is like where you are. Weed isn't all that hard to get in my area, I'm about 20 minutes from allentown. List your location and what you get for how much and how reliable it is, etc. etc.
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    lot of ppl from pa in here. i'm one.

    uh prices. I pay $125 a oz for mids right now. But i'm close with the ppl so i get a good price, most ppl pay $160-180 for the same stuff i get. 8ths usualy sell for $30 (i pay 20, but i rarely only get an 8th)

    and i heard of some localy grown dank going around for $350. I can't really get a deal on that at the moment so i been advoiding it. the 8ths go for $50-65 depending on the dude.

    edit* the mids are very very very reliable.
  3. York Pa Represent. Buds not hard at all to come by. Really good mids are 25 to 30 an 8th but I can get an O for a decent price.

    As for dank, not hard either. Standard price is 20 a g 60 an 8.
  4. illadelphia ftw.

    pickin up ak47 10 bucks a gram or 320 an ounce.
  5. Bucks County ftw

    It's usually pretty easy to get bud if you have a reliable guy. Even when my dealers are dry it's not usually long till I find a hookup.

    Weed flows around here, but it's really suttle, you don't really about it unless you're in on it.

    I've heard the summers are pretty good for outdoor growing too, so that'll probably show during the summer months.
  6. In the harrisburg area, I have gotten everything from no name dank and northern lights for 20 a G and right now I got a hookup of some real good dank for 40 a quater(never had this good of shit for such a good price). As far as mids goes its usually around 140 an O and its some pretty high mids, 40 a quarter, 20 an eighth, you get the jist.
  7. Chester County

    prices are about the same as you guys have
  8. West Goshen

    Mids is like 20-25 an 8th, headies is like 20-25 a gram.

    Best bud was supposedly purple haze, but it's supposedly no longer alive. Doesn't matter, it was some of the best bud I've smoked. Don't know the price range since it wasn't mine.

    Weed is easy to find, hard to get a reliable dealer though. My dealer is like once every other week, but I just found someone that's willing to hook me up. I'd say it's around mid range hard to find someone, you actually gotta look, you can't stumble upon a guy.
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    Im in Warminster and i usually pay around 120 for an o of mids and 350 to 400 for some real good dank. Im getting a qp of mids for 350 and just got an o of some decent headies for 170 since my friend is real good friends with the guy and he was trying to get rid of a few oz he said he didnt care if he lost a little money.
  10. I live in Philadelphia ... You can get herb all the time if u no the right people..

    Regs - $10- 2 grams $20- 3.5-4 grams ..ounces $100 quap - 350 half p -$650 Pound - $1250

    Good herb varies .. 15-20 gram... 50-65 an 8th... 250 - 480 an ounce.
  11. YESSSIR, popin the PA right here..

    lol enough gangster.. Reppin Reading right her..

    Always got weed around, damn mexicans :)

    mids 1.2g for 10
    3.5 for 25-30
    28g 130

    dank no names is like
    .8 for 10
    3.5 for 40-50
    28g 250-300

    Not trying to give hook ups, but if you live near reading and wanna chill with a blade, (not a cop, lol ) message me
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    Pittsburgh FTW
    $20-25 an 8th
    $40-50 a quater
    $65-70 a half
    $100-125 an O
    $320-350 a QP
    for mids
    $20-25 a G for headies
  13. carlisle area.. and our prices are about the same. i get 4 gs of good shit for 25 bux. its fluffy bud that really breaks out and burns slow. cant argue with that atl all
  14. Scranton here


    better shit is obviously more expensive
  15. Going to school in philly bud is better and cheaper then in bethlehem.
    15-20$ a g for some nice headies is pretty much the base price anywhere
  16. hell yeah pa. the mids are usually plentiful, finding real good shit can be hard at times. but other times it will be the opposite. depends on the time of year it seems as well
  17. Blairsville Area

    $15 a g for dank.
    $25-50 a cut for mids.

    I hate this place.
  18. PA rep! Outside Allentown here. Can find mids anywhere, but havent been able to find anything great for a while. Usually better bud when its least around my area
  19. Yeah, I must be real near you, when its warm you can seem to find shit anywhere around A-town
  20. Western PA here. I am my connection.

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