Anyone freeze the pipe?

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  1. my friends always say they it will make the pipe crack but mine hasn't and I froze it so many times in college ahhh that was fun

    but I will post pics soo I promise....well maybe ill just copy paste this and come back....yes I shall do that

    TIME TRAVEL- 2:20 PM I will be back.

    Back ! 3:45 PM awesome

    doesnt look 2 good I guess. hmmmm sorry but you get the idea

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  2. I leave a piece in my car and when it's 0 degrees here it's like trying to pack herbs into a fucking block of ice, I usually let it warm up first.

    I could see how having a freezing pipe in a warm house would be nice time to time tho. ;)
  3. what would freezing it solve/do?
  4. the heat from the lighter is whatll make it crack

  5. well yea I know thats whats supposed to happen but it hasn't with my pipe, not inside out side of anywhere, and the Purpose of this is to cool the hit, doesn't feel like I'm not pulling anything in, stays cold 2 for like 7 hits which is all almost
  6. That pipe is too small for you to get any noticeable heat exchange.

    Also the statement about freezing it's is partially right. Small pipes like those aren't made with thermal shock resistant glass, so exposing it to cold and hot temperatures in a small amount of time can cause cracks or help mature any existing cracks. Even if it goes from the freezer, to room temp, it's not really one of the best ideas to expose it to those temperatures.

    Things heat up faster than they cool down, several minutes of handling your pipe and smoking out of it will put it back a room temperature. This is caused by your hand absorbing the cold from the pipe, as well as the air around you. And of course, smoking out of it will heat it up even faster.

    Personally I wouldn't freeze any piece at all, just use cool water and ice.
  7. Not a very good idea at all op, all you need to have a breakage of glass is a slight change in temp, try taking a hot glass out of the dishwasher and pouring cold milk into it, it'll will crack everywhere and break almost immediately, I've done it before. You are taking two somewhat extreme temps and introducing them to one another, although it's in a different order than what I did, it will still have the same effects, you might even build condensation in the pipe and then the next time you freeze it it will be frozen in there and your pipe will have a buildup of resin and ice and that aint nice.
  8. That would make your hands cold :(
  9. Well I've never put it in the freezer, though I have a number of times left my glass pipe on my windowsill on cold nights (outside the glass, but inside the screen). The cold pipe cools the smoke nicely, making for a very pleasant and smooth hit.

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