anyone familiar with fox farm nutes??

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  1. i just ordered fox farms soil 3 pack and their 3 pack of dry nutes.....just wondering if anybody's used them and what kind of success they've had....thanks and any info is helpful to this indoor newbie....this forum rocks
  2. I use FF for hyroponics. Excellent results. Check out bioag for fulvic acid
  3. I'm using FF right now. Working great, check out my grow.
  4. thanks...they're on their way and just in time ....i got 5 new sprouts:)....kush mix, coast of maine organic potting soil, under floro's now....i have a 400w hps and a mh conversion bulb, 2 4ft 2 bulb T5's....and a 4x4x3 box lined with mylar....just gotta get away from the miracle gro...unfortunately being where i live my only option for good nutes is online....unless i want to travel 74 miles.....btw, do either of you follow their schedule or did you just play until it was right??
    thanks again and grow big!!!
  5. I use half what they say to use. Its easy to burn plants with FF.

    After about 3 or 4 weeks in veg I started to use half dose grow big

    Until the first week of flowering now I'm using half dose tiger bloom + 2 tbsp of Big Bloom

    Every other watering

    On the other watering I use 1 tablespoon of Grandmas Unsuplhered Mollases + plain water.

    Been working great so far
  6. Here's a link to FF feeding schedule

    Big Bloom isn't strong, lots of good micro nutes and worm castings.... only true organic liquid product from FF. Start at 1 tbspn per gallon and work up from there to maximum amount of 2 tbspns/gallon

    Start at 1 tbspn per gallon at week 2... used entire grow

    Big bloom start out at 1/4 strength, I start around week 4 as my soils very rich. See how plants handle and up to 1/2 strength next feeding and increase from there.

    Tiger bloom I start at 1/2 strength the feeding before I go into 12/12 and work my way up.
  7. ummm not to sound dumb but what's the deal with molasses?
  8. Molasses is a carb that feeds the beneficial microbes in the soil.

  9. Supposedly it feeds the beneficial microbes, and those microbes help break down your ferts to a more usable form for the plants.

  10. Thanks for the info on FF nutes. I've read where it's better not to add them until 3-4 weeks into vegetation (my plants are in FFOF). But my 2-week-old plant (Lemon Haze) doesn't seem to be growing much- it's still in a party cup and maybe 2" tall. Would you recommend transplating into a bigger container and starting Big Bloom?
  11. Big bloom is a flowering fert
  12. Thanks folied-- I guess I'll hold off for now then. The ph, temps and lights seem okay so I'm not sure why this plant isn't growing.
  13. Take them out of the party cups and they will grow. All of my Super Lemon Haze plants grow with intense ammount of vigor. Justs a tip this plant loves to be topped and stretchs like 3x the size it is you when you put it into flowering.

  14. omg i have to feed my soil and my plant!? lol jk
  15. Cool-- thanks for the suggestion and tips. I'll do this today.
  16. Its not actually just for flowering... its mostly good beneficial microbes and trace nutes/minerals... its used the entire grow
  17. thanks for all the feedback folks....super helpful....babies just sprouted yesterday...looks like their gonna grow fast...i'll keep you posted....much respect to all
  18. I can tell you that FF nutes are wonderful. I use them and you can see plant growth double in veg time weekly. On average my 12/12 plants will make it to about 6 sets of leaves, around 6 inches tall after two weeks, and by the 4th week when I want to hit the timer for the 12/12 they'll be able a foot and a half tall, with alternating nodes. Once that 12/12 kicks in and the stretch starts, 4 feet tall by 6 weeks guaranteed, and bushy as hell.

    Also, I've never been able to overfeed my plants with the FF nutes. I use FFoF soil, and max nutrients, and I may (and that's a very small may) get the slightest bit of burn on new growth tips. But, I don't even slow down, because by the next time they get fed, they're going to be able to handle that full feeding. (That is assuming you feed every other watering).
  19. Actually big bloom is recommended by FF to be used throughout the grow. Tiger Bloom is the name of their flowering fert. Big Bloom is the earthworm castings + guano mix. Under 1% for sure NPK.

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