Anyone every try Phillips Plants Lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigtee212, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I jsut picked one up the other day and was wondering if anyone has ever used one or anything like it. Its just a generic light bulb labeled "plant light" or something. It says its good for indoor growing, and its 125 watts. Just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it.
  2. u talkin about those blue incandescant lights???.....l ya they wont work...

    -Get urself some 45 or more watt cfls or some flourol tubes
  3. really? even though they are marketed as plant lights?
  4. yeah I seen those too when I went to home-depot but I was persistent and got the 150 worklight with bulb total 15 bucks
  5. hmm, well i spent about 15 bucks anyways, what exactly did you get? and does it work good?
  6. Yes. Those so called "plant lights" even if fluoros are at the bottom of the list for good lights to grow with. Some plant lights are incandescent and will probably kill the plants if anything.
  7. I know the bulb you speak of, as a matter of fact I have used it myself in the past. I was trying diffrent lighting conditions out and was using it to cover the color specturm better. I found that it made way to much heat and really didn't help that much even when used in conjuction with cfls or hps. So I wouldn't waste money on it if I was you, mainly cause I allready did and have been regreting it ever since

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