Anyone ever used something like this for a grow room? Compact Tool Shed...

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  1. I was thinking about purchasing a grow tent but I think something like this would be less "out of place" looking, even indoors if it was masked off by a lot of other clutter or in a garage/storage room like environment, seems to be a decent size 5x4' x nearly 6' and it's constructed of aluminum which would not cause problems or fire under heat issues.

    I am trying to work together a setup about that size, maybe even slightly smaller if I used a tent. My closet unfortunately is too narrow but decently long so I don't think it would work well. Would it be conceivable to be able to harvest a pound or more dry weight from a setup like this with say a 400-600 watt light? If so, how many plants would you think could pull it off without issue. I think I would prefer to grow in hydro bubblers.

    Just brainstorming here, I have been lurking around and reading a bit. This would not be a first attempt I have done this a couple times in the past several years, but nothing elaborate. This seems like it would be a nice grow area though, thoughts?

    Also what do you think could be the highest possible yield in a space like this with X amount of plants and X amount of wattage (whatever would be best for this area) hypothetically speaking if I was to do it right starting with clones and vegged until 12 inches or so?
  2. personally I think they'll be a waste of time and you are better off with a tent

    those you have listed wont be light proof and a tent is - so you'll just waste more money on making it light proof!

    then you'll need to make access holes for vents and lights

    man you can buy a tent on ebay for $200 which you can throw together in ten minutes and it'll do exactly what you want

    if you feel that a tent will look out of place in your garage then a humming, bubbling, noisy tool shed/cabinet with light beaming out of it will look just as bad and if stealth is what you want because folks are about then a grow in your garage is probably out of the question anyway
  3. lol, good points... I would like to shoot for a high yield grow, what would it take to squeeze a pounds or more out of say a 4x4 grow tent. I was set on a 1000watt HPS for flowering, but that seems like a small area for such a powerful light, or would I be fine with the reflector hood vented with that dryer vent like tubing and maybe an inline fan or two?

    I would like to stuff as many plants as I could fit in there and not sacrifice the grow, most likely a series of 5gallon rubbermade totes as bubblers or standard 5 gallon buckets. Also after a trial run I would likely order one of those super strains I was looking at yesterday on a seed bank site that was highly recommended here, cant remember the name I just remember it was hyphenated.

    They state on their page you can expect 3-4ounces per plant under optimal conditions in soil with 1000 watts of flower power and even more when hydroponics is used. Seems like a lofty claim to me based on what I see people pumping out in most grow journals but I'd love to believe it.

    Would a 600watt light be better suited for that size area? I got myself all wanting 1000 watts but if I could yield over a lb in a grow tent every 2-3 months with less lighting and DWC I would be very pleased and less wattage would be nice for suspicion and electricity costs.
  4. Also could I expect high yields if I grow my clones in a separate chamber with only a lower wattage fluorescent setup vegged for 6-8 weeks then rely on the high wattage HPS to do all of the work when I switch to 12/12 or should I have some halfway serious lighting for my vegetative cycle as well? I think having two tents both with high wattage lighting might be a little excessive.

    I would likely veg in the closet which is a bit cramped and then do the flowering only in the controlled environment of a grow tent. I'd like to have it so I can continually be switching plants over to the flowering tent every 2-3 months or however long it takes for the specific strain.
  5. If you mean 4ft x 4ft then you'll prolly have heat issues with 1000w's unless you have excellent ventilation

    even 600w might push the temp up past 90 so a 400w might be better

    just a thought ;O)

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