Anyone ever use this dab tool (Top Hat)?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by spincut, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Took me a bit to find it after a friend recommended it:

    Anyway, at least as far as loading a pen goes, especially for the sticky stuff, this thing looks brilliant!
    Anyone ever try it?

  2. Do you buy into marketing easily? haha jp. But I think a curved hook is the best 
  3. i think its dum
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    I don't...but it was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable friend, for one, and two, if it DOES work as advertised...well.. I fail to see what the problem is, ESPECIALLY for a pen, the loading of which is slightly different from a dome or somesuch. You need something that can detach and drop a piece of sticky stuff ideally without having to light it up first.
    Ok? Care to elaborate on your thought?
  5. itll break ur coil. u see how they have to press hard nd swipe so the bho accually comes off? and on top itll only work on budder. put some shatter or oil in in there and see how well it works. either way u have to press hard so it comes off which completely kills the point.
  6. Ah, well if what you're saying is true, that is definitely a problem. However, while I did see that too, I assumed they were pressing down that way to demonstrate the oil slick pad as well, which they also sell. I had assumed, since they even have one specifically designed for loading pens, that you can hold it over the coil, push, and it will eventually fall out on its own (uhhh, think taking a poop..).
    Only work with budder? You mean the crumbly stuff that isn't sticky at all? Why do you even need a tool for that? In the video it looks like they're using some pretty sticky stuff and it seemed to transfer it impressively well?
  7. that was budder. theere budder was inconsistent so it was sticky. it didnt look impressive at all to me. try it out tho and let us kno. even tho i smoke shatter. which is pretty easy to handle
  8. All I know is that without freezing it first, the blue dream I had a bit ago was extremely hard to handle. even with a tiny tool. Heck, if you dont work fast after taking it out of the fridge to chip off a piece it will stick to everything and not get off, including fingers, ugh, my fingers the one time I tried to handle it warm, I couldn't get it all off for a day.
    So yeah, the concept of a solid transfer tool to get a piece off and then in a pen is an appealing one. And it was recommended in high times too I think? Just wish I could find the article my friend said was on there.
  9. how much is it? if its over $5 its a ripoff.
  10. I've sene plenty of more basic tools if they're good cost more tan 5. In fact, if it does in fact work it's definitely worth more than 5 so I'm not sure why you'd make that kind of comment?
  11. Because its a pen. Lmao. I just checked there like 35. What tools cost a lot. Ti dabbers?
  12. really only cool for people who like dookie budder
  13. That's kind of the point? Seems great to use for my wax/oils, moreso than the little scoop tool I have now, which is practically useless for anything sticky.
  14. he mean shit. he just put it in a nicer form.  
  15. Uh, well whether it's shit wax (which I've never come across) or good, if it works it works...which by the way if anyone who has used it or actually knows real information about it would like to pitch in here, feel free..
  16. im reallly not tryna bag on u. but if u have oil and sticky shit... its shit wax. i kno some people prefer budder over shatter. but it has to be consitstent. if its budder then it has to crumble nd not stick. if its shatter then it has to be shatter nd not stick. any gooey bho is shit. and stickky budder is shit
  17. not true, my friend.
    Not all runs will shatter up completely. this OG I ran a little while ago came out sappy because theres so much terps. Terpenes are liquid like water so when you make oil thats really high in terps, its gonna be more sappy.
    I could take clean shatter and start whipping it into budder and stop before it fully dries up, doesnt mean it isnt clean but I agree with your point for the most part. Unless you know how it was made, be careful. Most shit I see people post is trash I would pass on but people who dont have exposure to quality concentrates just dont know what quality concentrates should look/dab like.
  18. Since this is a needless and negative tagent, for the sake of argument, I don't have shitty stuff, ok? I have dry budder, which was a godsend due to it being totally easy to handle, but the blue dream I had before that was very sticky and hard to handle at room temp (frozen was not bad, but it warmed up quick) but was great and I would totally grab again otherwise.
    So yeah, regardless as to the quality of the stuff I have, it is often on the sticky side, that doesn't mean it's shit, and it DOES make the idea of tool like the top hat useful, and that's really what I made this topic about, to see if anyone has tried it and what they think about it. On the assumption that it works as advertised though, seems darn handy to me..
  19. true i wasnt thinking of that. u got my point but my point was %95 of bho is shit on here

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