Anyone ever use Glycerine tube inserts?

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  1. It's not built into the piece. You put the glass glycerine tube down your bong and it sits on top. You can place the insert in the freezer and just take it out and put it in any bong. When you take a hit you place your mouth on the glycerin insert. It felt really nice in the store and my bong is no good with ice ( It only has one ice pinch catcher) lol. I seriously Can't find a pic anywhere online of what I'm talking about.

  2. Looks a lot like this except it fits in differently. This pic is made my Mn legit and so is the piece I'm talking about. The glycerin piece itself has the bumps like in this pic and not coils. [​IMG]
  3. You got me stumped.
  4. Yea wtf I think they custom made the idea maybe? It's a local headshop with a huge glass studio 4 blocks away.
  5. The tubes are a gimmick and you have to pay a lot for this gimmick. They won't hit any different than without it

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