Anyone ever use Coco Fiber as mulch?

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  1. Got some coco fiber (not coco chips) lying around and got the idea of maybe using it as a mulch. Not sure how well it would work though, it’s stringy and I doubt it can hold much water. I know coco needs to be rinsed as well and can be acidic, if I’m not mistaken.
    But I just wanted to know if it could work or what I can possibly do with this.
    Was kind of lazy and didn’t want to go out looking for mulch ( most of my local stores either don’t have GOOD mulch, or they don’t carry it ), so I just go the idea. Not sure if I’m really sold on it.
    Would much appreciate any help.
    Thanks, blades.
  2. Is this for your outside flower beds?
  3. Don’t have beds. Gonna be moving them in pots but I got them indoors for now
  4. Coco holds the perfect amount of water for roots, not too much and not too little. I can't think of any reason you shouldn't use it as a mulch.
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  5. Thanks, Ed. I will probably do that then. Just didn’t want to have an acidity problem with the mulch, and I was worried it would just be a waste. But I think I might as well give it a try now. How does that saying go? Nothing ventured, nothing gained? Can’t even remember, oh well haha.
    Thanks again brother.

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