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Anyone Ever Smoked Ambrosia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thisisstupid188, May 22, 2013.

  1. Got a free sample of ambrosia from a dispensary today, it's weed that is soaked in honey oil and then shaken with kief to produce a heavily THC-saturated marijuana. They made it in house, in front of me.
    Smokes up real nice, I'm blowing out huge clouds and hardly coughing, high as fuck though. Doesn't taste all that appetizing to be honest haha. This ambrosia in particular is Pure AK topped with Strawberry Cough kief.

  2. I think i just came...please say your in cali i need a visit to that club haha looks good blade
  3. Fuck Pennsylvania dude. There is no honey oil soaked weed here. None. I am jelly. 
  4. Sorry, found it in Colorado haha. I've only seen it at a couple different places and I've been to like every dispensary here. However I highly recommend it, whether you can make it yourself or buy from a club.
  5. Fuck man that looks great. I need to get out of PA.
  6. Kind of like Caviar Gold. Looks like it would rip you up.
  7. Dude, your going to be ripped.
  8. That strain is reserved for gods.
  9. lol that looks like some regs your dealer hocked a  loogie on it...smh  

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