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Anyone ever see/live near Amish people

Discussion in 'General' started by Keifer Suthrlnd, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. im sitting here trapped inside cuz of the snow, stizzed out of my mind watching the show amish mafia. Any blades out there live in lancaster county? or ohio? or interact with amish people?
  2. Amish Mafia...what the actual fuck
  3. yeah they have Mafias in everything now
  4. Ive seen amish people here in michigan..lots in indiana too
  5. Amish mafia is a joke. I honestly think they try to make it the most ridiculous show on tv now that jersey shore is gone.

    Edit: no I have not seen any Amish farm around Chicago but some in Indiana
  6. what the fuck do they do
    launder money from milk profits
  7. There a lots of old Amish living outside of my city.During the summer months they bring fresh produce and kick-ass baked goods into town and sell at the farmer's market.Some of the Amish girls would be really cute if they weren't dressed like Laura Ingalls.
  8. i live in chester county, but its only a half hour from lancaster area, so i've seen the amish quite a bit
  9. Amish mafia IMO is a joke. Stupid show. Stupid stupid show. I cant explain how stupid the show is. Stupid show

    And yes ive lived around and still do around amish people. I live 10 minutes from the border of Pennsylvania. I dont kno much about them but i do know they are fast workers. I do roofing and back when construction was good, i saw alot of amish people doing carpentry and roofing. And boy let me tell you there fast and good. And everything is done BY HAND! no electronic tools. Amazes me

    Ive seen some in walmart also and that sorta makes me question there lifestyle :confused:
  10. I see them when I visit my cousins in PA. My cousin got knocked out by an amish kid cousin is also bitchmade but still hahah he was talking shit to one of them outside a movie theater and got his ass stung. all those amish dudes do is pray, build barns and do a lot of hard drugs they dont fuck around

  11. could be mennonite, but either way, why wouldn't they be able to go to walmart?
  12. I used to buy really good amish weed from an amish guy up in Oklahoma... he was pretty cool.
  13. because walmart has automatic doors

  14. Im not saying they shouldnt be going to walmart or anything like that. But what ive been told dont they grow all there foods and vegtables? So they would have farms of food and what not. So why are they in walmart buying food? lol just a high idea i guess lol
  15. I'd love to talk to an Amish. I'd find it pretty surreal to see such devotion.

    Sadly I'm poor and live in Britain, so my chances are pretty low ha ha.
  16. the more i think about it...they generally prefer to buy from other amish families/business

    i thought the "Amish Mafia" would have taken care of the walmart stealing the local business haha
  17. Ive seem them in burger king so guess they dont only eat farm food
  18. i think the show, is cool as hell,

    i got it set to record if i miss it,

    hater's are gonna hate<-------
  19. Went to Camp Woodward PA one time and had to pass a Amish part of town I guess. Was really weird like straight out of the history books lol. Roads all jammed up with horses there like wtf are these machines on the road with us lol naw but it's crazy.

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