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Anyone ever pass out or seizure like symptoms?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whywhywhy, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Maybe I just blacked out, I don't know but this is my third time having it happened. Last night kind of scared me a little.... Well, it only happens when I start taking big hits and hold them in... and of course only when standing. I now know to be sitting. This is off kb, 2 different kinds, so not worrying about it being laced. Only thing I am taking is adderall during the day every now and again. I've busted my knee like 3 times. Each time has been outside, since don't smoke inside. All while standing... next thing I know I am fighting to regain consciousness and seems like my body will be twitching. Last night while I was outside, I was felt it starting and I was trying my best to stand up and prop myself against the wall... next thing I know I'm on the ground and hear my dog barking at me... not sure out of pain or concern, but I know she was worried. I felt bad and just hugged and loved on her after I came to on the ground like a few feet away from where I was trying to stand. Just have little flashes and scars to try to piece together what happened.

    I know I can control it, by not taking as big of hits, but just curious if anyone else has blacked out or anything. I've asked 2 friends and they have as well before. I'm a weekly smoker.... few days a week... definitely experiened and tolerant.
  2. I have never experienced this myself but I was with a kid and we smoked about 3 g's and he just stared spazzing on the ground and his eyes rolled back in his head and was drooling. He snapped out of it after a half hour, we almost called 911. It wasn't laced or anything cause I didn't experience anything like he did. I later found out that he was on some pill so I'm guessing that its your adderall thats screwing with you. I would lay off the grass if your taking pills until you know for sure what it is.
  3. I once ran across some really red red weed(back in '74) , it almost dripped like blood colored ooze,and would leave your fingers like bloody but washed off with soap and water,very sticky stuff. It had a very mild spicy flavor and smell,rolled very nicely,a few seeds here and there(light green with gold tips), after three tokes the high was so intense,felt like going down a tube at high speed,when you hit the bottom you come around(like sober),and find yourself on the floor and 12 hours later...was the stoniest weed I have ever come across or since...but everytime was the same so I started cutting it with some texas red bud, which was very prevailant back then,which made a very stoney mix...haven't seen or heard of this red weed since,but would definitly make you go out on your feet or otherwise.

  4. i pass out when i stand up too long and don't eat enough right before standing up for more than like 30 min. once i hadn't eaten all day and had a seizure coming down from some dro when i hadn't even been standing. the reason i hadn't eaten was because i had a bad stomach ache the entire day. haven't had any problems since though. i think my blood pressure is too low if thats even possible.. my limbs fall asleep very easily
  5. Happened to me twice, both time was standing up for a while and was smoking a lot while not eating/drinking anything. Came back after a minute both times
  6. I took a tolerance break fer 2 weeks after smoking about a Half of Dro every week for the

    past 7 years. Go to celebrate my friends birthday who possessed Sum Amazing Purp,

    Take 3 massive rips out of his 3 footer Perc. Sat there for about 5 mins and started to get

    Motion Sickness like symptoms. I stood up and tried to walk outside to get sum fresh air,

    ended up bustin my shit down his staircase and put a bigass Hole in his wall. Got that Purple

    Dots in my vision and Everythin sounded muffled, had no control over my body whatsoever.

    Scary as Hell, But If I knew it was gonna happen It would've been a Fun ass High.

    Im guessin' Severe drop in blood pressure combined with my renewed tolerance caused it.

    Fuckin' Crazy
  7. one time I really wanted to go to this all you can eat chinese place for dinner. I didnt eat all day so I would be able to like gorge myself there. So we go (me and a couple friends) and on the way we smoke a blunt and we had been smokin all day. I get in there and get my food cooked (it was a place where they cook it in front of you) but before I can take a bite I get overwhelmed by like nausea and hot flashes and I have to get up to go to the bathroom. I go in there and am staring at myself in the mirror and it all starts to go all white and I couldnt see for like 2 or 3 minutes. Finally it let go of me and I splashed some water on my face and went an ate. But from then on I headed the call of the munchies.
  8. ive been searching all morning for posts from other people about this and im glad im not alone haha i was a little worried...the same deal happened to me last night and this was the 3rd time it happened in the last year.

    I was chillin with my neighbors in my apartment and we had been smoking and grubbin for about 3 hours...I had one fat nug of this bomb og left (probably a .6) and we decided to pack the last of it into my glass blunt...between the 3 of us we killed an 8th by this time....ive been smoking just about everyday for the past 3 years now and for the last 2 years ive had my medical reccomendation....everything i smoke is from the shops about 10 minutes after we kill this glass blunt and have some cake i started getting the familiar dizziness and disorientation. I knew right away that it was gonna turn into the same episodes as before...I tried to stand up to go to my bathroom and i almost fell over...but i made it there and sat on the toilet...even though im struggling to operate my own body i made sure to make conscious efforts to analyze the whole situation and figure out exactly what the fuck was going on with breathing was sporadic, their didnt seem to be any heart was beating wayyyyy too fast and my vision was slowly getting more and more blurry...which leads to the best part of the experience, BLACKOUT....

    ...just as my breathing seems to reach its worst, I remember i was standing over my bathroom sink...i rushed to sit on the toilet,i already knew i was gonna fall over since it happened 2 times before already...everything went dark and i fell to the vision wasnt constant but it would come in and out and i felt myself twitching and reaching out for things...i regained awareness like 30 seconds later (i knew it was fast because i could hear the movie from the living room, ive seen PULP FICTION 12893761293845 times haha so i know exactly how much time went by) my glasses were fucked up on the floor, the trash can by the toilet was tipped over and my nose hurt like pretty sure i went face first into the ground...after i came out of it i was able to stand up on my own but then this is when it started to get strange...i washed my face up,bent my glasses back into place and went back out with my homies....i felt fine in the bathroom with the light off but once i went back out to the living room with all the sounds and lights going on i started feeling dizzy i went to my room for a minute and laid on my was 11pm so it was pitch black in my room and i was completely comfortable while i was in there....this really made me think about the possibility of my senses being just as a test in my room i turned on the light and bumped some music...sure enough i started getting dizzy again so i turned everything off...i sat there for a few min then went back into the living room and turned the light off immediately....i told my buddies what happened and Ryan said it happened to him before too...they both left and i went to sleep.

    like i said ive been searching on the internet about this all morning and the more i read about these episodes from other people i feel more at ease about it, but im still concerned....the first time this happened was in january, 2nd time was in june,and numero tres was yesterday. Is it possible i have developed a very mild case of photsensitive epilepsy? to me it would make sense because as everyone knows while youre stoned outta your mind, your sensory perception is magnified a great deal...which could be why this has never happened to me while sober...each time this happened i was only smoking, not drinking...

    Common factors between each event included:
    • lots of herb
    • bright lights
    • movies or video games/loud music were on
    • also heavy amounts of food, effin munchies haha and we always do it big at my house with full meals not just chips and candy n shit...
    • dizziness and eventual blackout/collapse

    im thinking 3 times is enough and i should see a doctor, luckily i was at my own home each time this happened...

    id really appreciate any feedback,who wants to let me use their medical insurance?? haha

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