Anyone ever meet somebody off Craigslist?

Discussion in 'General' started by braaap, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Alright, so yesterday, casually going through CL, I browse upon the personals (lame, I know) but anyways, the top ad was looking for new smoking friends, she just moved from cali so she doesn't have any hookups, so I'm gonna bring a 1/4 of some dank over, chill out, get baked and get my dick wet.

    Anyone else done this? haha

  2. Just be careful it isn't an undercover or a tranny...

    Or both :eek:
  3. No can't say I have.... hope it goes well.......
  4. Haha nah, she sent me tons of pics and even went on cam for me, she DEF doesn't have a dick, lol.
  5. lol, you PROBABLY need to get a life.
  6. Kinko that^.
  7. Whoaaa. Transvesite. Back away.

    wait a minute. post-op or pre-op? "pre-op"

    Whoaaa. Transvesite. Back away.
  8. I've met people off CL to sell some stuff and buy some stuff, but never to smoke with someone.
  9. i've never had a positive meet-up off craigslist.

    either the dude seems to be super creepy, or is a total asshole.

  10. :hide:
  11. Alright, just got home a little while ago, def was NOT a tranny, she was a real cool chick, we each faced a 2g blunt and I gave her the rest of the 1/4 because she bought a bottle a jack.
  12. sounds good to me!
  13. wow u gave her your weed?

    you most likely wont be getting the sex buddy
  14. I like how the OP just casually assumed he's going to have sex with her

    What if she says no? Do you have any idea how hard it is to dispose of a body?!
  15. Haha. That's an interesting way to make a new friend I guess.

  16. I love Quagmire!!

  17. not that hard :cool:
  18. Not very.
  19. No, when we first started talking she already told me that's the other thing she wanted...
  20. So you met a random stranger on craigslist who; was posting in need of smoking buddies and later stated her desire to fuck someone?

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