Anyone ever left an ebb&flow sog to dry under the light with no water?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by irieluv, May 17, 2006.

  1. so has anyone taken an ebb&flo table in like 6 and a half weeks and your flushing and you just stop the water to the table and leave the plants in the table - and under the light for 2-3 days to dehydrate and kinda ultra finish? I had this idea cause I don't want to cut them before 7 weeks.. but I have to get them dry before a certain time.. so this would sorta finish/dry them at the same time while allowing the light to prolly cause the dehydrating plants to flush themselves with even more resinous glands whilst trying to survive... anyone?
  2. I dont know about that my friend. no water for 2-3 days? I heard of somthing like that for a process that cures your bud on the vine, but the way i figure i treat my plants pretty much as i would wanna be treated, and i dont like to go days without drinking water. my advice to you is to stick with what you know works until somthing better is proven.:smoke:
  3. well I'll probly just do least for a day or two.. just to let them finish a little more..
  4. you could always do an experiment by taking out one plant and leaving it out of the table,asuming it still gets hit by the scared to try it one one of thinkin it would taste like bad mustard or burnt hair if it dies and drys while the roots are still intact and the hot lights still beaming.but im just guessin here.i would be interested by any data you collect.
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  5. Taking this to its logical conclusion would mean you let your plants grow for as long as you can, never killing them. The way I see it, you're going to kill them anyway so.... So try it and see what it does. My only concern might be the breakdown of THC under light, but 2-3 days couldn't hurt much if at all.

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