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Anyone ever heard of white on white acid?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Just got 2 calls in the last 5 minutes from two different people who both said they could get me a sheet of it for $500. That shit never comes through here so I wanna get it. he said "its white on white from cali" and that hes tried it an its good.

    Also, he has to leave for college in a few days so I wont have time to sample it first. Any way to see if its legit other than taking it :confused:
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    white on white just means that there are no designs or anything on the sheet itself (which probly means someone got their hands on some liquid acid and they simply dropped the acid onto the paper itself)...as for how good it is theres only ONE way to know how good it is and thats to try it lol...im from mass and ive seen 2 batches of white on white and neither were that good...but a few days ago i finally found some ligitmate bomb acid...but its not white on white
  3. White on white just doesn't have any designs on it. As far as poentency, it depends on the batch, I've gotten double dosed white on white before.
  4. From what I've seen, white on white acid tends to be pretty damn good.
  5. I'm not asking about how good it is, obviously that will depend on the dose put onto each tab. I simply want to know if theres any way at all to test it out and make sure it is legit LSD, and not something fake. I dont wanna drop $500 on fake acid, lol.
  6. ^ Eat some and find out.
  7. fam fluff mane normaly if your getting white on white from a reliable source its all good. But i would not drop 5 bills on a sheet unless u know it is good. If the guy trying to sell u it is your freind go chill with him drop a dose and smoke some herb with him just wait about a hour and if your not tripping tell him to go fuck himself its not worth spending 500 bux if u dont know its legit as u already said.

    good luck i got some white on white not to long ago tirpped face.
  8. I would, but as I said before, he needs to leave for college in a few days, and I wont have a chance to test it till this weekend (he leaves saturday).
  9. Just be careful bro because any dumbass can cut outa white peice of paper and say it is legit. Just go buy 1 or 2 today take 1 tonite see how they are and then go from there or somthing man. Ive been sold my fair share of bunk paper.
  10. I cant do it till the weekend, I've said it 3-4 times now...
  11. then just buy it.:cool:
  12. I got some at rothbury music fest for 5 bucks a drop. It was said by EVERYBODY that it was the best acid they have ever had, and on the last day I found the guy who had and scored 10 hits. It was by far the best acid ive had.0

  13. damnnn thats fuckin cheap yooo!!!
  14. I read on that DEA microgram thing about two white sheets stuck together, supposedly acid, but it had an anabolic steroid on it, not LSD. Is that "white on white"?
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    Its legit, i bought a 10 strip for a bill last night and I promise you its good stuff. We probably live arround the same area
    This isn't the same batch I had, because I used my finger nail to try and split the tip because I heard about some double coated blotters going arround, this shit I got is 100%. I just came down off a magical journey.
  16. To OP, recently these were just bought by a friend, 3x100's. Let me tell you, very quality stuff. "White on White" or "Blanks" is what they call it. I would say go for it, that's a standard 'hook up' price. Just be sure you know this guy, and he is not just cutting up a regular notecard...

    Good Luck OP! Keep us posted!:rolleyes:
  17. The Cali white on white is bomb go for it
  18. Ya, the guy said he was from socali. We really lucked cuz it took us four days to finally find this guy.

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