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Anyone ever had a relationship with someone you met on Omegle?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Chewbracca, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Met this girl few months back on omegle, started talking, we still talk.

    anyone else kept in touch/ had a relationship with someone far far away?
  2. No, I just screw with people on omegle.
  3. ok doesnt have to be with someone on omegle.

    youve never met someone online, and talked for awhile?
  4. LMAO No? Im with OP, i just screw with people. Beside... talking to someone on a computer is not the same as talking to someone in real life.

  5. OP means original poster...you do know this right? Lol...

    Anyway... I got this guys AIM SN from omegle once, and he was from scotland and kept telling me and my boyfriend he bangs his co-worker on their lunch break lmfao, he never got on aim again after that one day

  6. hahaha FAIL

    well, shes an attractive girl, soo im not one to complain:rolleyes:
    shes cool though
  7. Yes.

    I met a girl on this forum and have been talking to her for almost two years. Maybe not Omegle, but hey.

    :( Someone please post stories and anecdotes of online relationships working out to make me feel better.
  8. Yeah I keep in thouch with a couple people on here!

  9. I have a few friends I met on here, one is in Chicago & I text him pretty much all day everyday lol, and I have a few more here & there

  10. My girlfriend of 6 months I met online. She looked great in pictures but those dont really do her any justice=]

  11. LOL I was expecting it to say "she looked great in pictures, but...they don't really look like her in person" but good for you man thats awesome :hello:

  12. the one i was referring to, we have been talking pretty much everyday, if we dont talk then we just leave offline messages.. :hello:

    another girl, we dont communicate as frequently, we use to alot more, but hey were busy, but shes my fave..

    used to have a few others id frequently talk to..
    one, horse lips or whoever u are.. i read your post on cyber sex haha

    basically she helped me jerk, but anyways

  13. I met my girlfriend and now fiance on a site called myyearbook ( kinda like myspace) She lives a half hour away, but its not too bad i guess. We have been together for a year and 9 months.

  14. yea idk what i said so...:(
  15. Yeh, someone on here actually. Hehe, he made me go like 500 over on my texts for December :eek:. He's worth the $25 though :D

    And other people too from some other forums. I've subsequently met some of them IRL.
  16. Hahaha, yeah, I got her charged 90 fucking dollars for international texting LOL so we had to stop that. I still send her a few now and then :p
  17. i met a girl off omegle. she was cool to talk to and was pretty cute, but she lived too damn far to really make anything out of it. I have her facebook and occasionally talk to her on there when im bored.

  18. actually met them irl hmm.. what was it like? was he like im wearing a red hat, then you walk up, have coffee..?
  19. Haha, when I saw the number of texts out of 1500 I was like "whoa...wha...?...oh yeah hehe"

    erm...well it was either like meeting him at the paintball field and saying hi all tentative, because I wasn't totally sure what he looked like, or, him just crashing at my house from out of town before his friend came and got their hotel room. Both of these were for paintball. To clarify, I didn't have like a love relationship with these guys. But we're still pretty close.

  20. oh right the paintball part, things dont go POP!, you shoot him and disperse.:hello:

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