anyone ever gotten paid for sex?

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    weeeelllll????? anyone? if so, what's your sex.
  2. Haha, I've had one serious offer I almost couldn't refuse. : ) I still wonder what my summer would have been like with all that cash.
  3. Never been paid in cash...

    Back when I was an asshole, I used to play girls all the time by getting them to buy me shit. Clothes & shoes, alcohol & drugs, my cell phone bill, even managed to get groceries a couple of times, LOL.

    I had money, but always played broke. I learned usually when someone wants to buy you something, or pay for something, the more you decline, the more they want to pay.

    None of them had kids, I couldn't do that to someone trying to raise lil ones. Technically they weren't paying for sex... but they were certainly trying to buy me in one way or another.
  4. Yeah.
    I've been paid for sex plenty of times.
    And yes, I do realize how bad that sounds.

    It's never been with just a random person.
    Ex-boyfriends. Haha.
  5. How much was your rate ? Just wondering.
  6. It depends on the person and what I was being asked to do.

    Haha. Probably the best time:

    My ex gave me three hundred dollars to give him head.
    AND he smoked me out first.
    Fuck yeah.
    I was fucking lit.
    And it took less than seven minutes for him to come. Hahahaha.
  7. you know i got a short story on this topic.
    so i was serving community service and an older gay male worked at the place where i had to do time. well he would always try and be nice and give me cookies and stuff, but honestly he kinda creep'd me out. one day he basically asked if i wanted to eat dinner at some restaurant. :hide:
    i refused saying i had work all weekend. anyways some time down the line, (like 2 weeks later lol) he comes up to me when its just us.. and says he knows someone who is interested in me... a female. so im like "wtf" in my head. he was telling me things this lady had said like she'd "eat me like ice cream", and how she would pay me for some play time!, he said he comes into the store and always see's me.:eek:

    i didnt agree to do anything, or disagree. i just said id think about it. luckily i finished my hours while he was out on vaca so i didnt have to see him the last few days.

    i still wonder if there was female... or if he was trying to lure me in.:bolt::bongin:

  8. thassss called bein a whore :confused_2:

    so my answer is absolutely no because that's pretty damn low
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    Where have you been all my life? ;):wave::smoking:

    For me, well technically no, but yeah I have been paid for sex. When my fuck buddy stayed with me over the summer her dad gave her 100 to give to me to cover w/e expenses I may have incurred while she was there, but my rent and utilities were being paid for by a construction company at the time and the fridge was stocked.

    It was pretty funny though, she told me about her conversation while she was walking out the door to go to the airport.
    Dad: "Have fun up at school, so who are you staying with?"
    Her: "Oh just at my friend _____'s house, he has plenty of room and free AC"
    Dad: "He?!"
    Her: "Bye Daddy!"

    We fucked a LOT that summer, and HE paid me for it, ahahahaha.
  10. Having a guy cum in less than 7 minutes is an accomplishment when giving head? Looks like I've been an expert from the start.

    No, I've never been paid for sex.
  11. I think she meant that it was a win situation for her since she got paid AND it wasn't laborious or drawn-out, not necessarily that 7> mins is an accomplishment in itself.

    I've never been paid for sex either.
  12. My comment was directed to barfdog. ^^
  13. :eek:

    Where have YOU been all my life? ;)
  14. 300 dollars for a blowjob?

    That's ridiculous.

    Oh yeah and never paid for sex. Never been paid for sex.
  15. No, I've never been a prostitute.

    Has anyone ever seen the british TV show "Secret Diary of a Call girl?" Makes you look at whores in a slightly different light, it's a good show.
  16. HAVE YOU SEEN THE PICTURE OF HER!! She can obviously do it good too. in 7 damn mins!! She was prob the only one capable of that and dude was in a rush. +rep for that story and getting that moola.

    No I was never paid for sex. One time an old man offered me a handjob, but that was pretty disturbing. No I'm joking. Never been paid nope, I'm not a man whore!!!

    Edit-Savvy I really don't know your point since I haven't seen it. But hellyea, prostitution should be legal it's pretty dumb that it isn't.
  17. of course. get paid for it all the damn do you think the bills get paid!
  18. It's not really as bad as the media/government makes people think it is. It's really just someone doing a service for someone else, and getting paid for that service. Sounds like honest work to me, although it has quite the taboo on it. Personally, I'd never really have interest in hooking up with a random person, it's not my style, but I see little problem in it.
  19. People need to fucking relax if your comfortable with the person and you've fucked them already and they offer you 300$ for some oral why the fuck wouldn't you? Just because its technically 'prostitution' you guys bug out, I garentee half of the people saying that would fuck someone hot within 15minutes of meeting them if they had the chance.
  20. Whoops :)
    You're being pretty hostile for no reason.

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