Anyone ever gotten K1 Visa / I-129 / Fiance Visa

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has gotten this before or has done it.

    LOng story short, im not 21, im 20, the love of my life who I've traveled to many times in England and we love eachother..blah blah i really dont want to explain anything , but im not stupid or irrational I know what im doing ANYWAYS

    Im confused because I have no idea if we can marry yet or not because.. she is 17 and I know we would have to both me 21 if we were to marry in the UK.

    BUT you can marry in the US, here, at 18, im 20, and in NJ and many other states you CAN get married at 16 with parents consent, and her parents LOVE me, and is 17. I just dont know if she is allowed to get married being as that 16 could change to 18? I dont know.
    Thats why im asking if anyone has done this cause the .gov site doesnt say ANY age for the woman/fiancee/alien
  2. idk man but maybe you should slow down because she is so young. what's the rush?
  3. This ^

    You don't have to be married to be together.
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    Yes I know this, but the thing is I am looking at all the other ways to live together and its very hard and this is the easiest way and this is what we wanted to do and said we should do.
    To have a very small ceremony to get MARRIED officialy so she could live with me and move together, then have a real big one when we want to.

    I was looking at other ways and other ways its harder because I can only go there I believe 3 months at a time with a Passport? and she would only be able to come here 3 months at a time with a passport?
    She cant get a working or studying visa i dont believe. Studying because she doesnt want to go to highschool in the US... i dont blame her, and working because thats way too hard and i dont know anyone to do that.

    And the best thing for US is her to move HERE cause i have a good job, a house and everything. And the easiest and best way to do that would be through marriage, and I dont think she could get here any other way rather than using a passport and coming for 3 months at a time ? and i dont think she can get a greencard for here either, i dont know how exactly that processes works.

    We both wanted her to come HERE.

    But i am looking at ways to go THERE until she can definitely come here.. which is go to universities there for the time being, find a job, or stay there for the max amount of time I can before I have to come back, then she come here when I leave. but id rather not do that.

    We dont want to be apart from eachother.

    Also a note on the greecard I dont think she can even get one? And a way she COULD get one is if she got the K-1. Which is why i am asking, and I just don't know if she has to be 18, or not. I would think it would be 16 cause the laws of the states and everything are 16 with parental consent and everything, but i dont know. but in any case, im trying to figure out ways, that if she has to wait until 18... we wont be apart at all until then.

    But does anyone know, other than the 3 month visit, study visa, work visa... basically anyone know about greencards..?

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