Anyone ever get baggies like these from dealers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by aperson1234567890, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. your dealer is buying his weed from a dispensary.
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  2. You can buy those labels and bags from amazon.

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  3. Yeah people around me have been using this to try to make their shit look better or like it came from a dispensary but like the above poster said, you can just buy these and write whatever you want on them
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  4. You can get those bags on Amazon.
  5. Your dealer can probably get in even more trouble with the law using those. Indoubt he has a license and is getting them clean green certicfied.
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  6. Since obviously anyone can come by these bags and labels off of Amazon, it'd be wise to look extra carefully and look twice before any money is handed, plus take any names with a rather large grain of salt.

  7. Well I've been dealing with him for awhile now. He's only had these bags for a couple of months now. Also, we're up in Quebec and I think the law stated on the sticker is for California.

    As for the names on the bags, he's always had a pretty decent variety. And I can attest that different strains from him have produced different highs.

    I sorta trust the names on the bags (at least the indica/sativa part) but the bag itself, not so much. Checked Amazon and yup, you can just by this stuff

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  8. For example, the one in the picture says corleone kush and is ticked off as indica. I'm pretty certain it's indica and it has some purple coloring

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  9. Well, keep in mind that I don't mean by that that any and all strain names he gives you are bullshit, actually, I've had a few situations throughout the years where my dude was tight with a well-educated and talented grower whom knew their shit when it came to their strain names, and you could rest easy knowing that you knew exactly what you were smoking. I've known some who don't think such situations exist, or are even possible, but they totally are, and it's nice when people are honest and educated about the herb they are putting out there. I know some don't even give a flying fuck what the strain is and live by the 'weed is weed' credo, but I'm one of the ones who cares a lot and nerds out about the details, so yeah I consider being able to verify what exactly you are laying out your hard earned cash for to be a virtue.


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