Anyone ever fuck with a Ouija Board?

Discussion in 'General' started by ishotthesheriff, May 25, 2010.

  1. I never really have but i wanna.
  2. I did.

    Nothing happened.

    Not shocked.
  3. all of my friends swear that it works. i've never done it but i'm sure its bullshit
  4. I've never experienced anything paranormal, not while sober anyway. ;)

    I have heard though that Ouija boards work better if it's male and female using them. Light candles and all that fancy shit. I think if your mind is absolutely convinced that it will work, then it will. Thus is the power of the human mind.
  5. I did it once and
  6. Me and some buddies used one at a local graveyard and the board told us to Leave now, so we did haha also had it work a second time, where the spirit told us god didn't exist.

  7. .................................................................?


    omg man I feel for you, you'll make it through these rough times.
  9. I don't get why people think they're such bullshit to be honest :eek:

    I wouldn't go messing with one.

    Will anything probably happen? No. But still...just seems like a bad idea.
  10. I tried to fuck with them before but I kept getting splinters.

    bah dum tshh
  11. Yup, I did it.

    The board spelled out "This thing is just a peice of cardboard, mass produced by hasbro™, the same people that make monopoly and in no way will summon any kind of spirit. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot"

    It took a while but the message was clear.

    Spoiler Alert: I consciously spelled out the message.
  12. Nah brah. I dont fucks with witchcraft
  13. I did. One fucked up night...
  14. I think ouji boards only work for the superstitious one else but them. I like to think that to some extent your mind has to want it to work.
  15. fuck that no. no no no

    spirits going after my capn crunch and shit
  16. I did a couple times....there was one time that was a little....crazy

    we went from::rolleyes:...:mad:.....................:eek:

    we'll just leave it at that
  17. Ive heard some insane storys from people ive known really well. Id like to try one, but from things that that person still experiances, it seems best that i stay away from them.
  18. I ain't openin' no door for spirits or some shit

  19. My response was ment to be a mere joke but alas, I will share my experiance with thee.

    It was a dark and stormy night. The bright lightning illuminated the dark corridor we inhabited every so often. It was my sister and I. We both agreed to try and communicate with anything from the unknown. We had a particular subject in mind, however, we had no idea "what" it exactly was.

    Let me give you some background information. Every so often we would see a mysterious figure. A young, female child to be exact. Whether it was night or day, we kept catching glimpses of this unidentifiable object. At first I thought it was only me. "It's nothing", I kept telling myself. Until one night.

    My sister and I had just arrived to our house after a night of bowling. I was getting my homework together for class the next day when I saw a figure out the corner of my eye. I turn my head and call out to my sister. No response. The only sight I caught of was her ponytail. I call out twice more. Still no response.

    I cautiously make my way towards my sisters room to try and see what's up. As I enter, I make a discovery that still scares me to this day. My sister was not in the room. In a panic I make a mad dash towards the front door and just as I burst through the screen door my sister appears.

    "What's wrong?" she asks. I ask her where she was located for the past ten minutes. "I was getting my purse from the car out back". I asked if she stayed out there for the duration of the time frame. She responded with the answer I feared. "Yes, why?". I described to her what I had seen. She gave me a look I will never forget. "You've seen her too?".

    We both had experiances with whatever it was. So we made an agreement. The agreement which is written out in the begginning of this tale. If I remember correctly, we had the board in between the two of us with the lights off inside a pitch black room during the night. We also had a candle burning somewhere, I can't recall exactly where though.

    We placed out hands on the dial while we sat Indian style. We both spoke at the same time. "Is anyone listening to us?".

    Nothing, so we ask again.

    "Can anyone hear us"?

    These next few moments are crucial to the story. The vibe of the room transformed into what I can only describe as 'surreal'. You know that feeling you get just before you get into a fight? That jumpy, heightened senses feeling? Well, picture that feeling amplified a thousand times and you're still only barely touching the tip of the iceberg. I look over to my sister and nod my head.

    "Is there anything inside this room with us?". Almost immediately, we feel the dial move. At an instant, we both were on our feet and out the house in three seconds flat. We look at eachother and speak at the same time. "Did you move it?" I asked. She gave me a serious look.

    After the inital shock wore off, we both looked up at eachother as if we knew what we were thinking. I tell her I don't want to go back inside. She tells me we must because you must finish what you start. Something about the portal being left open allowing the unknown into our world. I hesitated at first but continued.

    Once we entered the room we immediately noticed the candle. It no longer held a flame. The second thing we noticed out of place was the dial. It was thrown across the room, about six-seven feet away from where we originally held it.

    My sister picked it up and placed it back on the board. We placed our hands on the dial at the same time. She ordered me to close my eyes and invision anything that made me happy. I followed orders and upon closing my eyes I felt a violent force strike my hands from both sides. I open my eyes to witness my sister closing the board, throwing it in it's original package and tossing the box into the closet.

    We never spoke of that incident again. I'm not saying I encountered a supernatural force but I'm also not saying I imagined it. The box the board came in was not the original hasbro box they sell at Toys R' Us, it was a special wooden box with peculiar markings. The board itself was also unique. It had a nice gloss to it while the letters were drawn elegantly. It was as if someone had constructed this board themselves.

    Believe what you will.

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