anyone ever enjoy their senses?

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  1. we are so used to using our eyes, we often forget how amazing the world can be when perceived through different receptors.

    now im sure we all listen to music and sounds of nature

    we burn candles

    we touch things

    we eat yummy food

    but have you ever just closed your eyes, and tried to sense things youve never sensed before? not like a sixth sence, try to feel things you thought too small, or hear things you thought too quiet

    ever wonder how a ninja can fight blind folded? go find out!
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    I do meditations in which I simply focus entirely on my senses, on the way my body feels, on the way my breath feels, on the sounds of nature.

    Oftentimes we focus our attention away from worldy noises but we have a symphony playing around us at all times that we forget exists!

    The fact of the matter is that the world is quite overwhelming when you take all of your senses into account! And I mean that in the best possible way lol, but most people are too caught up in their minds to realize that their sensory experience is so elaborate.

    These days I don't see how anyone could ever get bored.... there is so much going on in our experience of each and every moment!

    Of course, I find it is best to exercise mastery over our senses, and enjoy them fully while also being in control of our instincts.

    Combining this with seeing the world in its suchness, I find myself in a magical existence in which even the most ordinary things never cease to fascinate me.
  3. Yeah I smoke weed
  4. Have you ever layed there before sleep and attempted to listen to every move your body makes, down to the very flow of your blood?

    Not just appreciating the senses, but enjoying nothing at all or the state of simply being in its entirety is sometimes best as well.
  5. I've went to a lot of sites for philosophy-type of stuff. I desperately want to take a class
    it's weird that this site has the best ideas and the best threads I've been to
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    one day, instead of focusing on the way your body feels, try to perpetuate one of those feelings yourself

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