Anyone Ever Done Toad???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MrMoney, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. lol.. wasn't that a Beavis and Butthead episode?
  2. A lot of shows have done and episode about licking toads. Read the link.:)
  3. I think you can get high off a colorado river toad. but just licking any random toad is a bad idea. the posien that gets you fucked up from them is called bufotenin(5-OH-DMT). thats all i pretty much know about toads
  4. lol....

    I haven't tried toad... I I have licked the shit out of a dissapointed Ling-Ling.......

  5. LOL that was the best episode of that show

    "Hey Ling Ling, i have penny! no i dont! *Lick*
  6. "Hey I found something in your ear! Is it a quarter?? OHHHHHH NOOOO Its a TUMOR!"
  7. "It's not a tumor!"

  8. I have a hard enough time getting weed from my not-so-reliable dealers

    i would go crazy trying to find a toad every time i wanted to get high, each toad takes a month to replenish its venom.
  9. ironic this thread appears, my friend has a toad as a pet. he says trippin from toad is the shit. sounds risky to me.
  10. that's why you get an indoor aquarium and keep them as pets the rest of the time. there are places to buy the live toads online.

    i've never tried toad, but i've looked into them
  11. that's gross, man. i wouldn't ever lick an amphibian to trip.

    but then again, i pick mushrooms that grow from poop and then eat them. i don't know, though. in my mind, licking a toad is still more gross than eating poo fungus. hmm.
  12. I hear it's pretty dank shit though

    (bad attempt at a joke... I know)
  13. You CAN lick the toad to get the 5-MeO-DMT, but you are also getting poison. You have to "milk it" by squeezing the pores that the venom is in. After catching the venom, (usually with a plate or bowl) you leave it out overnight so that the poison evaporates leaving only the 5-MeO-DMT. You then scrape off the remnants and smoke it. This is slightly different from DMT, however, it contains one more oxygen molecule.

  14. hmm, that sounds a bit less gross. but i'd feel a bit mean and selfish for putting the froggie through all that. so i still wouldn't do it.
  15. Yeah same. I'd rather just extract DMT from mimosa roots. DMT is a lot more productive and easier to "get past the veil/have a breakthrough" than 5-MeO-DMT.
  16. Well thats news to me. I always thought that it was just something made up that i saw on Family guy. But i dont think i would ever do it. Shit people just smoke a bowl.
  17. yea i fuked a toad once...and it didnt do jack shit.

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