Anyone Ever Completely Remove Themselves From Their "Group" Of Friends?

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  1. I'm thinking about doing this. All of my friends cause constant drama and stress in my life. We're all 22-25 years old, but everyone acts like high school sophomores. Nobody can handle anything like an adult.

    For instance, a girl in our "group" and I were "talking" for about two months. But then she decided she didn't want to pursue things with me. So instead of just leaving things be, she had to talk shit about me to other people and decided to "not be my friend."

    Oh, well that's great, considering I see you every time we all hang out. So that's caused problems.

    Last night was the last straw. This one girl in the group who is obnoxious and insane started screaming at me in the bar last night and saying she would "cut me" because I put my hand on her shoulder to tell her something. She claimed I was "hitting" her.

    Later that night she started screaming at me again and slapped me in the face so hard my glasses flew across the room.

    So I pushed her and said "Fuck off, don't you have to go get yourself molested or something."

    Pretty fucked up of me, because she had been molested, but she pushed me to the edge.

    I also feel like none of my friends really care about anyone but themselves.
    For instance, I've been really stressed out and upset these last few weeks. My dad is a serious alcoholic and I've been fighting to get him into rehab. He's in terrible shape, and probably won't last another year if he keeps this up.

    I was in a bad mood the other day and snapped at one of my friends and he said "Listen, it's too bad about your problems but don't take it out on me."

    I've gotten no support from anyone.

    So I don't really know what to do. I feel like I need to completely remove all these negative people from my life, but that will completely end any social interaction I have. I'd have to go out and make all new friends.

    And even though these are shitty people, a lot of them I have known for 5+ years so it's still hard to just cut them out of my life regardless of how much they suck.
  2. You need a Syndey Fife.

    I just cut the two main douche bag friends I had off my list. They were really the only people I regularly hung out with, but oh well. Now I mostly chill alone until I get a job and continue my education. I think I can bare a few months of being without a couple of dicks. Better to have no friends than some fake friends.
  3. I tend to push people out of my life for those same reasons. I have even stopped talking to most of my family. I don't want or need all that shit in my life anymore and ever since I moved away and cut connections my life has been so much better. Just because you have known someone for a long time or just because you are related to someone doesn't make them your friend, and if they bring more bad than good then they aren't a friend. Real friends put others before themselves, they care about each others feelings. Anything less than that is fake-ass bullshit and my eyes are too open to pretend to tolerate it. :)
  4. Yea they just seem like weights on a hot air balloon. Let them loose they're only gonna drag your rise especially being around crazy bitches like that in their 20s if their at that age and still act like that then there's no hope for them. do you man and get on with your life's plan`
  5. I actually did this spontaneously two weeks back. There will always be people you discover that change the course of your path..
  6. I can relate. I've had to let go of alot of relationships that only made my life harder. In the end you'll feel better. Just cut 'em loose.
  7. All the time. No big deal.

    It's quieter, you have more time to yourself, and you don't have to put up with any of the shit you mentioned. Just disconnect.
  8. cant relate I choose my friends wisely and keep them close.

  9. So why post in this thread?

    Anyways, thanks everyone else for the support. I know this is the right decision in the end.
  10. Eh my group of friends is the exact same way. My theory is we've all been friends since we were younger and in a sense, staying in that same "mode" can keep you down intellectually and actually make you more immature. It sucks but I think it's true. Maybe they act like sophomores in high school because you've know each other since high school?

    It's fine to distance yourself and take a break to grow on your own and come back. You don't have to completely forget them but just kind of slip off into obscurity. You'll sink into it and it will be fine, when you are ready you can come up to the surface and hang with them again with a new perspective.

    Honestly that girl sounds really weird, like a bitch, just try to avoid that situation.

    [ame=]YouTube - "I'm On Standby" Grandaddy[/ame]

    On stannnndddddbyyy.
  11. Yeah, I have done that at least twice during High School. The group I hung out with kinda always stayed close me and these 2 other kids were kinda the core of it. Last time I left, them 2 became besties (lol). Heres the kicker, I came to this college, and so did they. THey live 3 floors away from me but I still don't chill with them. I do sometimes, when I see them I say hello, but its not what it was. I don't know what it is, maybe its me, but being around them just bugs the hell out of me.

    I have a tendency to keep moving, solo. It probably is not the best habit. If you wanna break away from that group, I say do it. If they are really your friends, and if you really belong there, they will ask for you back. Look for some brighter horizons out there for a while, you'll find some, or maybe it will come to you.

  12. Don't feel alone, I'm in the exact same boat. EXACT.

    If you ever wanna chat or some shit, add me as a friend.
  13. Yeah, I've had to do this before. I think when someone causes more suffering than happiness in a relationship then it's time to move on, as long as you've given things a chance to work out. Sometimes people go through bitchy phases though...but you just know sometimes when it's over.

    It sounds lame but spending more time alone can actually be really rewarding....I feel like when I'm alone I have shitloads of fun and there's nothing to worry about, no drama or anything. And you can do whatever you want, and not have to worry about entertaining anyone or whatever.

    I sound very antisocial :eek:

  14. everyone needs a sydney fife my man:smoke:
  15. yeah every few weeks or so ill just completely disapear, wont answer the phone, texts etc and then ill come back and chill with certain friends until everyones back on my dick.
  16. Be careful how you choose your friends was my point
  17. I recently broke ties with somebody who was a great friend to me for a few years. It's not easy, and I'm still feeling bad. But I can't take it anymore. She criticizes me on things that I can't control, and I feel she has become insensitive to who I am as a person. Again, it's not easy, but some things have to be done.
  18. If you arent getting anything positive from it, cut it. Much easier said than done, but Ive done it-and it was worth it.
  19. when it comes to friends...

    you can pick your friends

    you can pick your nose

    but you can't pick your friend's nose.

    I would correct your behavior to follow my rhyme before disconnecting.

  20. Yeah I have and I thought it was a bad thing until I realized it was for the better about 2 years later. I'm cool with them now but we just don't keep in touch or anything.

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