Anyone ever been to Dudley town?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Dudley town. It's this area that is apperently off limits to everybody. It's private property i guess. But it's basicly this abanded little town that is pretty famous for paranormal activety. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this place or has even been to it. By the way it's in conneticut.
  2. I've heard of it.

    There's a game called Folklore on PS3 that's about this town, it's pretty interesting/creepy!
  3. Ct ftw! Dudley town is the shit i wanna go again soon.
  4. is that the street in southington, where all the midgets live?

  5. Na yo. That's called midget vill. around here
  6. I've never heard of it. Why is it abandonded? Is that where ghosts go to live? :confused: lol
  7. I'm from CT and never heard of it. OP its funny because you spelled Connecticut wrong in the post and near where your avatar is
  8. maybe its just the c. see c is silent in connecticut so maybe dude is pissed about c being in the fuckin word but not doin shit so maybe c should either get off his ass and make a sound or take his silent ass on somewhere.
    thats my theory anyway.
    oh yea i havent been to this town souds badass tho.

  9. Lol I can't spell. I never knew how to spell CT though
  10. maybe you should just say CT then haha
  11. On my phone so I can't post the link, but you can find it in a quick google search (one of the top links).

    Apparently, this whole thing is a total hoax. Pretty much everything ever said about this town are clearly proven wrong with easily accessible historical records. The whole story started from two "curse" myths on family lines, and the specific people involved in those curse myths either never existed, had no evidence whatsoever to link one to another, or it was chronologically impossible (based on life/death records) for many of these events to occur. The main one being that the Dudleys who started the town had absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the cursed king. The story also originated from multiple (seven) deaths (in a 50+ year span) in the town as well as the town's failure to thrive.

    The author of the piece then tackles each individual character involved. Two perceived as "going mad" were actually 90 and 104, respectively, and living in the 1800s- they were senile. Some were murdered brutally by Indians- after they moved to New York and right in the heart of hostile territory. One person "disappeared," but it turns out that person never even existed. There were more, but I forget.

    As for the town failing, the entire ground is overrun with thick roots, trees, stumps, and rocks. No plants EVER thrived, and the town sustained a living off its lumber, which was eventually depleted, causing- you guessed it- economic failure. So people moved.

    Now, with that said- any abandoned town (and for the record, this "town" is supposedly just a few remaining home foundations sitting in the middle of the woods) that was around 200 years ago is going to be eerie. I am also a HUGE fan of places like these, and this one would be cool to see. Not many know where it is (was supposedly taken off maps, is now hidden, and it's illegal to go there), and apparently the surrounding hills and forest make it very dark even in daytime. There are two roads (one called "Dark Entry Rd" for obvious reasons) and both are unfinished and run down.

    I would love to go. It would be a nice sight to see. But apparently it is waaaaaaaay overblown.

  12. Dont knock it till youve been therei know its blown out of porportion but its sketchy and scary as hell
  13. I live in MA. I for see a road trip this summer!
  14. oh hell yea. this is deff on my bucket list
  15. I realize that nobody has been here for a while, but in case anybody does read this - I strongly caution people to not even attempt to go in to Dudleytown. There is a $75 fine for trespassers. Or you will get thrown in jail. I have also been there back when it was public property - and I will say that the people that live on the roads leading up to the forest are crazy. They will run you right out of town. They will let their dogs out to scare you, they will stand at the top of the roads and yell at you, and theyw ill get in their cars and follow you. And that is all on top of the area being very heavily patrolled by the police.
  16. holy shit bro my friends and i were just researchin about this last night haha
    (by the way i live in ct :wave:)
  17. I always thought the Dudley boyz were from there
  18. Yea don't knock it till you try it I lived in the 2 towns that boarder it for 3 years I heard all kinds of stories like in the 1800s the entire town population just died all of a sudden no one knew why then in the 1940's people tried setting up another town on the same property they found 63 people dead no lacerations no poisoning nothing and don't say these people didn't exist about 2 miles down the road from dark entry road is a cemetary with all the bodies me and my driving instructor took a ride up dark entry tonite actually and we rolled down the windows and turned off the radio and we couldn't hear a thing no leaves moving no deer running no squirrels no bugs nothing like I never believed in any of it but now it scares the shit out of me nothing lives up there anymore
    ps Dudleytown is at the end of either dark entry rd or bald mountain rd. In Cornwall ct
    pps I suggest bald mountain rd. In the day Hell of a lot less scary that dark entry
  19. Dudley is a shit hole in the UK.
  20. dude I searched the entire 1st page hoping....wishing....PRAYING that someone would make a Dudley Boyz reference. I was disappointed until I saw your post. You sir win.

    and just for the hell of it.........DEVON......GET THE TABLE!

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